Meanwhile, At Trinity


There you go.

Trinity Agrees to Scrap Supplemental Exam Fees (University Times)

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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Trinity

  1. dav

    Fair paly to them. The older generation of this nation, have saddled them with crippling debt so they need to fight for every advantage they can

  2. Elizabeth Mainwaring

    Us older generations, who have been saddled with crippling debt, are paying for their education, dav sweetie.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      And we and our children will be paying for YOUR generation’s tootle-oo ups. Sweetie.

    1. Jake38

      While I have no axe to grind for the cossetted, unfirable, mediocre Irish academic, those figures are, in fairness, 14 years old.

    1. postmanpat

      Its an antiquated educational model anyway in this day and age. It is inevitable that its current form will collapse. The college management know this, and are gouging as much as they can , when they can. They need to build up a nest egg because otherwise they will have to go out and get a job outside of the school system and a lot of these baby boomers never lived outside the educational system since junior infants back in the fifties. They will wait about 5 years and try this charge for exams thing again , It will be twice as expensive, and it will go through without any real resistance because the next generation of students will be super insecure thin skinned post-millennials .

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