Papa’s Got A Brand New Collection Plate


Last night.

Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge on RTÉ 1.

Nora Casey discusses her fundraising role ahead of Pope Francis’s visit on August while Brian Kennedy clarifies what the Pope’s visit should mean for Ireland.

41 thoughts on “Papa’s Got A Brand New Collection Plate

  1. Col

    “The whole world will be watching Ireland”.
    Will they? Does anyone know where he has visited recently and did they see anything of it? I vaguely remember him being in Myanmar, but I didn’t see much of the country on television.

    1. Col

      I just looked it up. He was in Chile and Peru in January. I had no idea. I doubt very much that a billion people watched it, or were even aware of it.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Some eejit young wan was rabbiting on about how the youth have no problem with the Catholic Church and that they’ll all be going out for lunch before they go to welcome the Pope in the Phoenix Park. I switched off at that point.

    1. Topsy

      Nobody gives a flying fig that you turned off, or indeed that you turned on in the first place.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    I had to go to an anniversary mass recently and the church had special boxes at all the entrances for donations. The priest said that they were leaving them there for an extra week so it sounds like people aren’t stumping up to fund this jolly.

  4. Donger

    Between the pope visit and the abortion referendum there is going to be a lot of shouting at the tv/radio in the coming months

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      people nattering in the morning either on or off the the radio is a sin against the universe anyway

  5. newsjustin

    If the church wasn’t raising this money itself people would be complaining it wasn’t paying its way. If it does raise it people like Brian Kennedy moan about pensioners (because he knows only pensioners go to mass) paying for it. And in any case, Brian wants the Pope to hand over the money raised to Fr Peter McVerry.

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      may be if it paid with its I’ll gotten gains instead of sticking out the begging cap like a “pauper” curiously dressed in gold there would be less complaining

    2. realPolithicks

      As usual you are missing the point entirely. As just one example of the hypocrisy of this organization the catholic church in Ireland has paid a fraction of reparations they agreed in the child sex abuse settlements, so they can raise 20 million for a visit by the pope by can’t find the money for the victims of their abuse. It’s disgusting!

      1. david

        And who could make them?
        Our government. But the government or state was also complicit in these crimes against humanity.
        But who were the ones who paid the compensation ?
        You me your kids their kids
        Who was brought to book? No one

      2. realPolithicks

        No response from newsy I see. As is often the case with people like him, he is only interested in “children” up to the point of birth, after that they are on their own.

        1. newsjustin

          Yes. I hate all children once they’re born. All us pro-life people are like that. Cop on realP.

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            So where would you stand on the issue of retribution balancing out the cost of this visit ?
            Do you think it’s ok for parishioners and likely families of victims to foot the bill ?
            Anything to be said for pay I g thier own way…its not like they don’t have it afterall.

          2. realPolithicks

            I didn’t say anything about hating children once they are born, that’s your word. Also you still have no response to my original point.

          3. newsjustin

            Janet, I don’t actually understand your first question.
            Parishioners are the church. I have no issue whatsoever with them, or any one else VOLUNTEERING to pay the bill for anything they like.
            Who are you referring to in your last question? Who are they? The church is paying its own way, some people in the church are raising €20m.

            realP – I’m not going to even get into the whole “only interested in kids until they’re born” nonsense again. It’s trite nonsense.
            On the issue of the church raising money for a papal visit vs paying people who were victims of institutional abuse, the two can and should go together. But remember, the church is not a monolith. It is the opposite, in fact. For example, that the congregation of the Christian Brothers haven’t yet paid all the compensation they were supposed to has nothing to do with parishioners in the parish of Sneem in the Diocese of Kerry (for example) and what they chose to spend (or not to spend) their money on.

          4. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I see we differ in what we refer to as parishioners versus the church
            For me they are separate, when I refer to the church or they, I mean the establishment, from the Pope at its head to every other figure of power and discussion maker to it’s lowest order.
            I would like this establishment to foot the bill not the followers/ adepts of this establishment

          5. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            decission maker …pardon
            because to my knowledge your average parishioner has little to say in the functioning of the Catholic “church”

          6. newsjustin

            Modern Popes tend to die owning a few suits of clothes and a small library. I’m not sure how or why they should pay for a festival in Ireland rather than the local church members who attend, or chose to contribute.

          7. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            are you really trying to tell me the Catholic church is broke ?
            That the Pope personally should be poor as the representative of Christ on earth I agree, however the accumulated wealth of the organisation he as it’s figurehead represents is hardly debatable.
            An interesting debate is how they gained that wealth and the moral responsibility of how they now spend it.

          8. realPolithicks

            Don’t waste your time Janet, he’s a one trick pony. His callous and condesending attitude towards women and his refusal to address the many issues related to the catholic church in general and in Ireland in particular suggests to me that he is a conservative religious person that you can still find in Ireland and the US.

  6. some old queen

    Just an observation but is there some law that women who wear cheap tacky tiger prints also employ an over zealous botox administrator?

    I’m asking for a friend who lives in the north Louth / South Armagh region.


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