Adare To Bear


The largest figurative bronze sculpture ever made in Ireland.


Adare Manor, County Limerick

Pauline McAlester writes:

Adare Manor is delighted to confirm that it is now home to the largest figurative bronze sculpture ever made in Ireland.

The sculpture of a Bear, which standing at four metres tall, was produced by renowned Irish artist Patrick O’Reilly and now resides on the grounds of Adare Manor,

The Bear sculpture titled ‘In Search of Lost Time’ shows the Bear marching forward. From childhood days, one of our first memories is that of a teddy bear, which personifies companionship, trust and innocence.

The Adare Bear represents our lives with an air of optimism, as we all march on taking on the wonders of life.


Adare Manor

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11 thoughts on “Adare To Bear

  1. shitferbrains

    If it’s called In Search Of Lost Time shouldn’t it be a 4 meter sculpture of a cake ?

  2. wellness

    Looks like Bladerunner ate all the pies.
    *edit The Adare Bear represents a monument to ugliness.

  3. Yowzah

    I do like my art large, baby.
    “Largest chunk of bronze in Ireland” sounds like the start of an elaborate insurance hoax caper that may, or may not, involve Simon Delaney in a soon to be released film.

  4. fFs

    Hasn’t this not been doing the rounds for years? – on O’Connell street for a while and then more at the Point

  5. newsjustin

    “…..largest figurative bronze sculpture…”

    Well now I just want to know what the largest non-figurative (abstract?) bronze sculpture is.

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      I wonder would it be found alongside a motorway somewhere? They do like their abstract sculptures on our major roads.

  6. Gringo

    The boys out the road in Rathkeale are organising some consaws this evening.That bear will be reincarnated as something a bit more useful in Hegartys scrapyard.

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