14 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. Jimmey_russell

    only a few wet blankets will say it’s utter insanity that we cannot as a nation go one day with the pubs closed.

  2. :-Joe

    First legal pint maybe… the law never stopped bars from opening or even staying open from the night before as a speakeasy. Hotels were always allowed to serve booze to guests too.



  3. Not On Your Nelly

    Catholic Ireland isn’t dead and gone but we are slowly dismantling the psychological furniture. Might take another 100 years to drain the swamp.

    Protesting the pope would be a lovely sight. Baby steps though.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    I actually don’t give a ‘thing that rhymes with white ‘ since we’re babies here. As a good pal of mine once said of Holly & Iviers “I’ve spilt more beer on me micky than those dopes will drink”.

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