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From top: Stag’s Head, Dublin 2; Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins

This morning.

Responding to Nphet’s recommendation of a 5pm curfew…

Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins said there needs to be immediate engagement with Government because the industry is in a “very precarious position” with Christmas a number of days away.

It is effectively “a hospitality lockdown” if the recommendation from NPHET is taken on board by Government, he said.

Mr Cummins also said this latest proposal brings into question the Covid digital pass and all the other different measures hospitality has brought in to ensure they keep their businesses open.

Vintners’ Association of Ireland Chairperson Michael O’Donovan said it would have a major impact and said the industry has been fighting very hard all summer and autumn to get their teams back up and running.

This would be a real hammer blow because it would be closure for many.”

Hospitality say proposed ‘5pm curfew’ a ‘lockdown for sector’ (RTE)


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As it stands, we have been informed that the date that would see pubs, nightclubs and restaurants being closed is December 13th.

It’s understood that the economy will be allowed continue for another week with a full lockdown being discussed for December 20th.

It must be stated that dates cannot be taken as fact but we have been reliably informed by two separate sources from within Leinster House that they are being actively discussed.

REVEALED: Dates we understand that are being discussed to fully close pubs and a full lockdown again (The Liberal)



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Last night.

Forster Street,  Galway.


An Pucán


The Irish Hotels Federation said Government had confirmed that the new closing time restriction applies to hotel bars and all events being hosted, including weddings, whether guests are residents or not.

In a statement, it said: “Due to the current prevalence of the coronavirus in the community, we are hearing from our members that businesses are adopting a cautious approach in relation to hosting business events and meetings.”

The hotels federation said that public health remains its number one priority.

Closing time change applies to hotel bars, hotel events (RTÉ)


Firm but fair?

Or plainly inhumane?

Only you can decide.

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This morning.

Major changes to alcohol licensing laws will be discussed by the Cabinet today.


Staggered and extended closing times for bars and possibly nightclubs are under consideration as well as bringing Sunday trading times into line with the rest of the week

Night-Time Economy Committees will be established in six cities and towns across the country.

Supports for venues such as cafes and clubs to stay open later for culture or live events from Monday to Thursday are also set to be examined.

There is a possibility too that planning codes could be changed to allow empty buildings be used for events.


Staggered closing times part of major licensing law changes being considered (RTÉ)



Retrospective – Clannad and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra (RTE Player)



Dublin city centre last May

This afternoon.

All customers will be required to give their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. This is a change from previous rules, where just one person per table had to provide such details.

This means that restaurant and bar operators will have to keep two information sheets at the door: One for contact tracing and a second anonymised list where they will tick a box to show that all customers at each table have been checked for their vaccination or recovery status.

Businesses will use a digital scanner to check a person’s status. This scanner can be downloaded to a staff member’s phone, or device, from this evening.

It will show green or red to prove that a certificate is not forged. It will show a person’s name, but not their date of birth or any other details, and the information will not be stored.

The official Digital Covid Certificates are the only documents that will be accepted. Cards from GPs or vaccination centres, showing a person is vaccinated, will not be accepted.

Indoor dining guidelines to be published this evening (RTÉ)