Behold: the Hackrod La Bandita Speedster – a ‘proof of concept for the future of motoring’. In collaboration with Siemens, the company imagines a day when, instead of choosing a car, you’ll design your own using VR, 3D printing and AI engineering.

We want to believe.


3 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. italia'90

    Wow, looks like a Porcshe 911 at the front and hints of a Corvette Stingray at the rear.
    I can just imagine driving it from Jones Beach along Ocean Parkway and Sunrise Highway to Montauk on a typical summers day…
    Who’s for a millennial cocktail in the Hamptons on the way?

      1. italia'90

        I don’t think there’s room for a bike… also, I’d be worried your thighs wouldn’t be able to get you up over Shinnecock Hill.

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