12 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. jusayinlike

    James Lawless = muppet

    FFGLAB wailing for censorship of the internet to save democracy..

    What an absolute pile of horse manure..

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Two Moriarty Tribunal barristers subject of the INM data breach. That raises a red flag.
    Oh, and, that Moriarty report is still gathering dust in Varadkars office. Will he cross the line into manhood and release it, or did he get other instructions while in Davos?

  3. Jimmey_russell

    Winnie Mandela was a HERO, she battled racism and sexism every day of her life and even now in death bigots try to smear her with lies and fake news, ugh.

    1. david

      Can I ask you how old you are?
      Winnie Mandela was involved in many beatings and one in particular was in her home in Soweto
      Read the new York times article in 1990 about it
      The truth commission set up to bring healing in south Africa heard of 18 cases of murder connected to Winnie her Mandela football club and body guards
      Why do you think nelson Mandela divorced her
      Unlike her ex husband she was neither great or a person who moved mountains to free his people

      1. Papi

        Certain tell tale signs then I check all media Russian European American Arabic and trawl through the internet before making up my mind

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