Meanwhile, In Mount Merrion Avenue



Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, County Dublin

Oscar Shandra-Penhaligon writes:

Spotted this curious poster (above) from the CPS (Children’s Protection Society) at the top of Mount Merrion Avenue along with “No” posters (top) using Perfidious Albion’s 1-in 5 experience as justification….

Apparently Mount Merrion is the only place where election posters are forbidden.

I guess that does not cover referendum or “other” campaigning.


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31 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Mount Merrion Avenue

    1. Col

      I’d be interested to see what a psychologist’s assessment would be of the type of person who makes a poster like that!

    1. david

      What an absolute disgusting troll you are.
      Evidently I seem to hit a nerve with you .?
      Evidently you are not well versed in intelligence, and lack the ability to debate.
      Just twist words ,ridicule and mock.
      One in five babies aborted in their foetus stage of development in the UK last year.
      Vote for what you want .but never mention something about my people for you dishonour the dead.
      This is a free country where people still can say want they want. Nazi Germany was not.

      1. Papi

        david, tell the truth now, did YOU write that poster? It has your particular elan and delicate ability to pinpoint precisely your point. Plus it has lots of Hitler in it.
        I’m thinking the Westboro Baptist school of writin’ and a’ hatin’

      2. gavin

        If you are going to state fact, at least of the good sense to quote the source…otherwise its just made up bullpoo.

    1. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

      Indeed. John Clerkin of Wellington Road still trying to put the boot in.

  1. Demos

    I still can’t decide if that poster is rabid no or an appeal for non-mad people to vote yes.
    There is something special in the word “Referendum” that truly releases the madness in any society.

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t suggested turning off facebook for at least two weeks beforehand as it appears to
    be the source of most fake news.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I think it’s a fairly strong clue as to your opinion when you say baby rather than foetus.

    2. david

      A foetus is the early stage of a babies development not a pork chop.
      But in order to make it less distasteful lets call them pork chops.
      That dehumanised them and makes it more acceptable.
      Looks like my posts are now all on the naughty step which is the start of censorship.

    3. david

      But a foetus is the early stages of forming a baby
      Without a foetus no baby
      To pass a law to kill one must first dehumanise, it makes the whole process palatable.

        1. david

          Lets talk about true apartheid
          A nation that treats its travellers like ours
          Israel do not dehumanise its citizens but those who desire to destroy Israel are treated as enemies
          But compare the numbers of Palestinians killed by Israel against the number of Arabs killed by EU nations
          Papi get out your abacus and do a count
          For you might just get a surprise

          1. Papi

            Disliking occupationary murder squads, which is what is happening, like it or not, does not mean I condone the ill-treatment of Travellers. Cos, basically, david, it’s a terrible analogy for comparison. But, then again, you wouldn’t know that.
            LEVE PALESTINA!

    4. pity

      You see, what the pagan English do is they wait till a baby is born, then they funnel it back up the vagina, then they abort it. One in five. Not fake news.

  2. Cloud

    0.125 billion people is a fairly small portion when you think about it. Less than 1/3 of the UK and US population combined.

    They didn’t really think that through did they.

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