39 thoughts on “Thick All Boxes

  1. scottser

    I remember that 10 seconds in 1993. I went to the bar, ordered a pint from a normal barman but he came back in a frock with a pink gin.

    1. Mike

      I went to jail, lookin to hook up. In the end I got it from some straight guys!! Crazy times…

  2. RIGBY

    This looks familiar. A John Clerkin of ‘The Children’s Protection Society’ of Wellington Road, Dublin was circulating this kind of stuff prior to the referendum

  3. gallantman

    That’s swayed me now- specially the one about the Nazis. I think the referendum commission was remiss in not providing us with this information. I demand a rerun.

  4. Brian S

    Question 5- I’ve read it a few times now and just can’t seem to get the gist of what they are trying to ask….a bit of help anyone?

    1. Odis

      No idea – the nazi on is a bit weird as well. Is it trying to imply that homosexuals are murderers and drug addicts, Good ole Hitler he was right on gays! Doesn’t make sense.

      1. Tidy Dave

        Yeah, I don’t get #6 either. How can anyone kill 6 Mega-Jews? I was told in school that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.

      2. Eric Bickerdyke

        Hitler did have a special place for gays alright. Hint: it wasn’t too different from the special place he had for Jews. As for gay Nazis, the only one I’m aware of was leader of Hitler’s SA/Brownshirts, Rohm I think his name was. He was fairly openly gay and liked sleeping around, and made no efforts at discretion. He was killed on Hitler’s orders during the Night of Long Knives where he culled the “undesirables” from his own ranks

  5. Cian

    What, particularly, is being attempted with this ‘survey’, other than pushing stamp sales upwards with all the never to be returned SAEs?

      1. realPolithicks

        I read somewhere that Ireland is “the best little country in the world to be a steamer in”.

  6. Odis

    Its a bit silly, bordering on “The end of the World is nigh” stuff. These people are clearly weirdos and I don’t think this to be at all newsworthy.

  7. Talismania!

    I’m willing to bet the guy who wrote this hasn’t taken down his No posters yet. Good scientific unbiased survey here. Red C must be jealous.

  8. Useless Failure

    I am a strong supporter of child abuse, elimination of the Jews, AIDS, drug abuse, rape and paedophile priests so I still would have voted YES

  9. Crank

    They’re going to get back a load of these surveys and then realise that they can’t read the answers because they made the boxes black.

  10. Joe the Lion

    The night they drove old Dixie down

    And all the people were singin

    They went na nana na na etf

  11. Brian S

    Also how is a rape victim “homosexually raped also” surely if a man rapes a woman that isn’t “homosexual rape”? Or is there a new kind of rape the kids are into these days that has passed me by?

    1. Dough Berman

      Rapists and homosexual rapists have teamed up and are roaming the country in droves. “One of us, one of them” is their clarion call.

      1. Brian S

        But if a man rapes a woman in the bum how is that homosexual? Everyone knows women’s bums are different to men’s. They smell of roses and don’t make amusing sounds

        1. Professor Lunatic

          I’m afraid to say, you appear to have been having intercourse with a Glade Plug-in.

  12. munkifisht

    While it has not been proven that homosexuals turn into bats, are immortal, have no reflection, suck the blood of virgins and can only be killed by a steak through the heart or exposure to sunlight, it has not NOT been proven that they are not. If homosxuals were esxposed to be the walking dead incarnate would you

    █ have voted No █ have your soul and the souls of all humanity cast to the darkest pit of despair to languish for 1000 years?

  13. Skeptik

    SAE you say?

    1. Find something a4 sized and heavy. Telephone book, roof tile, etc and put it in an envelope

    2. Address it to the above mentioned person, sans stamp

    3.chuck it in a letterbox.

    He’ll have to pay excess postage to get it off the postman. So mark something compelling on the outside.

    1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      GASP…. I cannot believe you went there.

      What is the world coming to that people cannot call homosexuals Nazi, child-molesting, AIDS-riddled, drug abusers who are also fond of a bit of the old rape without being called Homophobic themselves?

      Calling people names for calling out the truth does not help the debate. You should be ASHAMED!

  14. Sliceofbacon

    Damn it I voted Yes… if only I’d known… Thank you pointless questionnaire distributor

  15. Paolo

    These questions are brilliant! I’m pretty sure the Nazis took a fairly dim view of de gays.

  16. mike

    Truncated heading is something about voting. I presume this is related to the recent referendum on age of presidential candidates, yes?

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