‘Arguably One Of The Largest Data Breaches In The History Of The State’


Denis O’Brien


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39 thoughts on “‘Arguably One Of The Largest Data Breaches In The History Of The State’

    1. The Dude

      Provided you’re a person that is not to be mentioned.

      Their state looks after their mates.

    1. rotide

      I don’t bother trying to parse the posts where it’s just a stream of tweets with no narrative.

      Even the indo is doing a better job of reporting this

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I got tired of scrolling and went into the replies to work out wtf is going on.

      2. qwerty123

        I don’t think Broadsheet considers themselves as reporters or journalists, more conduits to sources, no?

    2. emmy b

      Me too, please. I mean, I get all the data stuff, but not the significance of CTI/Another 9? And in particular the link between the too?

      1. Frilly Keane

        The beneficial owner of those companies may have exerted their influence and accessed the contents of those files

        where governance crosses the lines into operations

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    And the exact sum of sweet fupp all will happen. Hands will wring, brows will furrow, but FG’s owner will saunter back to his tax haven without so much as a finger wagged.

    1. david

      Already started in the PACs still operating in the investigations all being closed down
      The land of corrupt little life forms
      And we want to tamper with our constitution hoping they will replace what was with something acceptable to all sides of the argument

    2. The Dude

      Correct. No accountability. Their state looks after their mates. Prevention of accountability will ensure the right circumstances are created to repeat a mass offsetting of future bad loans onto ordinary citizens. Tried and tested, that business model has been shown to work.

      And the lovely EU will do nothing about it because they are happy that the stupid Irish are paying off debts they never incurred.

      Pass me the puke bucket.

  2. Catherine costelloe

    Looks like a dumbing down of this was planned…..Buckley resigns in January, Rae heads off to Europe before s*** hits the fan. They would ride a gale of wind.

  3. david

    Well ,when someone has your details your safety is dependent on them
    All that lovely data in a big big cloud all waiting for the right moment to be abused or sold
    Time to ban the sharing of that data by law unless you opt in before you access the site or make any transaction
    Maybe its time that at the click of a button you can identify your data held by others and trace where its going ,not by agreement but by law.
    And be allowed to sue them.

    1. Cian

      Um. All this already exists.
      Data Protection Act 1998 and the new GDPR cover these.
      You can access any data held on you. You can request corrections if wrong and deletion of old data.

  4. Otis Blue

    Actavo mentioned as a client of Another 9 in Gavin Sheridan’s tweet is another DOB controlled entity.

    Its subsidiary GMC Sierra had contracts with Irish Water to instal water meters.

    1. Otis Blue

      Yeah, but he was paying part of Martin O’Neill’s, Roy Keane’s and Johnny Sexton’s salary so there’s that…

  5. GiggidyGoo

    RTE lunchtime news. Time 13:22. One subject so far…Fodder. Next item up Salisbury. Running down the clock. Waffle, waffle and more waffle. 5 minutes would get the fodder story out of the way.
    This INM story is one of the hottest news items of the decade so far. But not to RTE. Sure no one is interested?

    1. The Dude

      ‘Keeping People Stupid’ should be the real motto of Regime Telifis Eireann.

      When in recent years do you ever recall RTE going after powerful vested interests? ‘Little people’ perhaps, such as under-performing doctors etc, and ‘human interest’ stories. But never or very rarely anybody of any significant strategic consequence. Odd how no mention is ever made of privatising the obsolete institution that is RTE.

      There is a reason the government never expresses dissatisfaction with presenters being paid vast sums of money. Sure why would they want to rock the boat?

      Under the EU, it really has become like living in the East Bloc in the 80’s in terms of suppression of news and prevention of accountability.

      Now run along, and stop bothering the adults. Or have a grand fake laugh with Sean O’Rourke as he brings on somebody safe to discuss another myopic pointless issue… Or alternatively, end the Propaganda Tax now!

  6. The Dude

    This is splendid.

    How long have citizens had to put up with the daily bile and hateful half-truths inflicted on the public by INM?

    Wonderfully hilarious that Rae was put into of the EU’s Fake News squad. What were the criteria? To have sacked a journalist, Gemma O’Doherty, for trying to report the police scandals?

    The lovely EU clearly approves of such behaviour.

    It is also interesting to see who in INM has not seemingly been subjected to the ‘data interrogation’, as those who are on the list. Given the position of power, isn’t it strange the editor is not on the list, but perhaps he can be trusted…

    Malicious mismanagement of Ireland by discredited entities can only occur provided those entities have backing from outside.

    Rotten, rotten, rotten to the core…

  7. Diddy

    Channel 4 would be all over this if it was a UK issue. We have no journalistic equivalents here.

    1. The Dude

      And that might be because there are no journalists of any substance left here. Don’t think that that’s by accident…

  8. Eamonn Crudden

    Why don’t yiz bring this down to the PURE fun ordinary Joe Soaps can have in this situation. Are these twitterati wanting to sue and keep all the cash for themselves? It seems like that to me. Colour me cynical! Journalists and editors are NO MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSE and have done vanishingly little over the past decade to even earn the respect of the ordinary people: https://twitter.com/EamonnVIDF/status/981295153494347777

  9. Bonkers

    Jaysis, imagine the poor private investigators having to read every one of Barry Egans emails since 1999. Then having move onto Niamh Horan and Amanda Brunker too. *shudder*

  10. Gay Tea Shop

    Our Levinson moment. Gayvilar and co should be well versed, having sold a deep in debt Storyful to Murdoch. Sorry mate, time to STFU on this.

  11. KM

    Many poo-pooed the threat to private data that Irish Water is and was.

    Would the investigation by the ODCE mean that Questions could not be put to Leo?

    What status are the DATA and GDPR bills at? Are they being pushed through before this story is given national air time?

    How many sources of Journos, Military or security sources, whistleblowers etc have been indentified by this massive, unprecedented breach of data? What about Charities? Foreign agencies?

    Were regional papers affected? Is Communicorp affected? How many medical or financial records are on that system or 2 decades?

    If you had the information from a government backed quango( including pps numbers and financial information for maybe over a million people) plus you had information from emails from over two decades from the biggest newspaper in the country, just how much damage could you do? Insider trading? identity theft? political manipulation like Cambridge Analytica?

    Who will have the liathroidí to ask questions in the Dáil?

  12. Stephen

    Not even a mention of this on rte main 6 o’clock news.
    Are other media outlets to scared to talk about this or what is the story.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Redacted will redact them up if they try.

      It’s not like he doesn’t have a reputation for suing the crap out of anyone who dares besmirch his name.

  13. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

    It is simply not credible that Anne Harris is not on this list.

    Karl Brophy
    ‏Verified account @KarlBrophy
    Apr 3

    Anne Harris, former editor of the Sunday Independent, is also not on the partial #INM19 list published this morning.

    Again, this seems extraordinary, given the inclusion of Brendan O’Connor and Maeve Sheehan of the same paper.”

    Unless, of course…

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