Why Did You Pay To Have These People Hacked?


Denis O’Brien (top) and Clockwise from top left: Karl Brophy, Vincent Crowley, Maeve Sheehan, Joe Webb, Brendan O’Connor, James Osborne, Jerry Healy SC, Donal Buggy, Jacqueline O’Brien SC, Rory Godson, Mandy Scott, Sam Smyth

Gavin Daly, in The Sunday Times, reported that an Isle of Man company controlled by Denis O’Brien – Independent News and Media’s largest shareholder – paid the bill for an IT firm called Trusted Data Solutions to gain access to INM’s computer network in 2014 without the board’s knowledge.

Mr Daly further reported that TDS accessed the email accounts of 19 current and former INM employees, including four journalists.

Further to this…

This morning.

The Irish Independent named 12 of the 19.

They are:

Karl Brophy – CEO of Red Flag and former director of corporate affairs at INM.

Vincent Crowley – former CEO of INM.

Maeve Sheehan
Sunday Independent journalist.

Joe Webb – former head of INM’s Irish operations.

Brendan O’Connor – Sunday Independent deputy editor and RTE broadcaster.

James Osborne
– former INM chairman (now deceased).

Jerry Healy SC – a senior counsel at the Moriarty Tribunal, for the tribunal.

Donal Buggy – former chief financial officer at INM.

Jacqueline O’Brien SC
– a senior counsel at the Moriarty Tribunal, for the tribunal.

Rory Godson – Former Sunday Tribune journalist, Sunday Times business editor and former director of corporate affairs at Goldman Sachs (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

Mandy Scott
– Former executive personal assistant to Karl Brophy and Gavin O’Reilly – when he was CEO – at INM. Ms Scott is now executive manager at Red Flag.

Sam Smyth – Former journalist at Sunday Tribune and Irish Independent. Mr Smyth covered the Moriarty Tribunal. According to Mr O’Reilly, during the final stages of the tribunal in 2010, Leslie Buckley telephoned Mr O’Reilly telling him that Denis O’Brien “very upset with Sam Smyth” and wondered if there was some way that Mr O’Reilly could take Mr Smyth off the story.

Sunday: Life’s A Breach


High Court investigator could quiz Independent News & Media over a suspected data breach (Gavin Daly, The Sunday Times)

TV presenter and barristers on list in INM suspected data breach (Dearbhail McDonald and Shane Phelan, Irish Independent)

Update: Look Hack In Anger 


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27 thoughts on “Why Did You Pay To Have These People Hacked?

  1. LeopoldGloom

    They should really let CAB have a go at seizing whatever he actually has at this stage

  2. GiggidyGoo

    A bit more serious than someone having information that’s in the public domain saved onto a memory stick, that managed to find its way to Denis O Brien incognito.

    1. anne

      USB fairy delivered that right to his desk… the arrogance of it is astounding. I mean to go before a judge and say it just showed up on his desk!

  3. anne

    Redacted seems like an awful control freak. And paranoid.

    Can you spy on people like this legally?

    1. Owen C

      any criminality/illegality is likely to be around corporate law (ie one shareholder getting this information and not all of them) rather than the actual searching of emails etc (INM management probably allowed to do that and use the information as they see fit)

      1. anne


        This man should have no involvement with newspapers & radio stations. How are we supposed to find out about him fleecing the taxpaper, when he owns the news and is so controlling?

    2. bob

      Its the spying on the SC who were working for the tribunal that is very serious in my mind.

  4. Capitan Alatriste

    loving every minute of this. redacted is like a spider his clout is everywhere.

  5. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Who’d be bothered snooping on Brendan O’Connor?
    Bet he’s delighted to be on the list. A real credibility boost.

    1. Lilly

      I’d say the thinking behind this was that Brendan O’Connor was in the Anne Harris (O’Reilly) camp.

      1. Lilly

        And, let’s face it, after penning an ode to her derrière, O’Connor could hardly claim to be neutral.

    2. Breakfast Roll Man Bumpkin

      O’Connor’s name was thrown in there to throw them off the Anne Harris scent.

  6. Catherine costelloe

    Its outrageous , nasty, underhand and I hope he got naff off for snooping.

  7. Martco

    CAB won’t touch him. They do what FG says they’re to do.

    To my mind these people should now club together & stump up for some proper Russian/Ukrainian/Chinese mercenary expertise to hack the absolute blx out of our friend there & post it all online & end him….I can only imagine what kind of ridiculous nasty paperwork they’d find


    Most shocking is realising Brendan O’Connor is the Sunday Independent deputy editor.

      1. Topsy

        RTE got rid of him from that dreadful Saturday night poo; but no probs, fixed him up with another poo show on Wed nights.

  9. Lilly

    Redacted seems to fancy himself as the spy who came in from the cold. Let’s not forget his farcical attempt to put a tail on Gavin O’Reilly. ALLEGEDLY!

  10. Truth in the News

    Stephen Rea should bring back Gemma O’Doherty to get to the bottom of this as he is too busy himself
    advising Junker and Co in Europe on “Fake News..incidentally when did the great and the good in know
    in INM get wind of all this.

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