16 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    ‘New’ faces on the FF ‘team’. Laddies who have attended the Micheál Martin school of bluster and waffle. They have been in training for marching up to the top of the hill yet more well trained in scuttling down.
    FF have been a total joke. Confidence and supply? Frances Fitzgerald showed up what the Confidence part really meant.
    Micheal is Leo’s Langer

  2. david

    Amazing they have suddenly found the Russian factory that produced the nerve agent
    Apparently it was found in the fiscal space.
    Will someone please tell the experts who cannot identify it comes from Russia
    Apparently a little bird told me its deep underground in the Russian embassy in rathgar,and that’s why little Leo verruca expelled that dreaded Ruskie.


  3. SOQ

    Facebook admitting that Cambridge Analytica had/has a copy of up to 87 MILLION accounts? They are probably only revealing this now because if the UK CA investigation turns up more than the claimed 30m, they are in yet bigger trouble.

    Interesting how silent Google has been. Imagine what would happen if someone done a join on all the gmail accounts to Facebook and then after adding the browser history, profiled across the two platforms? Even Tim Cook of Apple is calling for regulations now.

      1. david

        No its not ,but what we need is massive fines for these breaches ,as in not millions but billions and also that you can sue.
        For example trip adviser which is home for trolls which must be able to be called to book for some of the vile comments, on its site.
        Maybe its all deliberate so outrage is used to censor news ,and ensure the only thing that gets reported is what governments want you to read.

    1. david

      And imagine all that money made from it
      These guys get the biscuit
      Found out they cry innocence
      Time for fines totalling hundreds of billions

    2. david

      Bit like the tracker scandal the real amount gets bigger and bigger and these creeps start calling for regulations that by the time they are finished are no regulations at all.
      What’s needed is massive billion dollar fines which will be more effective in ensuring they no longer abuse ,
      All tim cook is concerned about is profits,
      No profits and then they shape up.
      I find it very hard to believe that they knew nothing or did not have security to ensure abuses did not happen

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    This thread was utter madness a few mins ago… What happened?

    I was enjoying myself.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          He appeals to my inner anarchist.

          Where he goeth, chaos doth follow, my dear brother.

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