INM The Thick Of It


Tom Lyons tweetz:

“So this happened in INM…”


Earlier: ‘Arguably One Of The Largest Data Breaches In The History Of The State’

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19 thoughts on “INM The Thick Of It

  1. Joe cool

    Can someone give me a quick lowdown on the whole thing. Havent had a minute to follow it

  2. michael walsh

    It may appear that the hackers from the defunct ”News of the World” have now moved to Ireland and as ”The King of the Fairies” recently said – We welcome all to their natural home.

  3. Truth in the News

    When did Stephen Rea become aquanted with the compromising of the INM data, when was the data medium
    accessed or taken off site, who authorized it and at what,times, this required somebody or someone going on site where the the backup tapes were held, given the amount of data involved, this was not removed in a ladies
    handbag was it….any chance that all phone calls in and out of the premises were also the subject of the data trawl….all this has echoes of cocks crowing on dunghills and castles falling.

  4. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

    Jane: Here are my questions:

    a) Barry Egan. For real, did they hack his emails over his claims about being a prime mover behind the NME?
    b) Eoghan Harris – is he in or is he out of the Dinny Camp? Why hasn’t be resigned and is he one of the INM19.
    c) Why are all Sindo byline pics 20 years out of date?
    d) Ballsy O’Connor. Is he really?
    e) Kene Kerrigan – is he one of the INM19 too?

  5. Lilly

    In defence of Barry Egan, my late aunt’s car once broke down somewhere in south county Dublin, and he was kind enough to drive her home.

  6. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

    “cascaded down through managers”. great indication of the mentality and fear of the hierarchy there in INM.

    Why not “communicated directly to all concerned”?

  7. SB

    This must have been a lot of work for the IT staff to provide all this data. One question might be “were these staff told to ‘keep schtumm’ about it”?

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