7 thoughts on “The IT Guys

  1. bisted

    ‘…before you make up your mind, open I.T.’ …ah here…you’re going to have to up your game Bodger!

      1. Tony

        Is he not saying that the Phoenix headline is so good as to put even Bodgers headlines to shame?

        You’ve a bit of a tin ear on you sometimes you have!

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The RTE answer is to call some mate in FG or the CSO and ask for a few statistics on some other subject and run their news with those. News at One, it’s now 1.31 pm have run two time-using items on statistics. Still going. MMR take-up, and visits by healthcare people to homes. Same tack as yesterday when they ran 22minutes on fodder.
    But no such time allowance on the story of the year so far.

    1. LeopoldGloom

      Yup, stuck on the Six One in hope. Should be the leading story, but nowhere. An Irishman making the bench for Liverpool last night is getting coverage. He didn’t play or anything, just made the bench, and it got splash across News now all morning.

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