Car Alarmuration


This afternoon.

Brighton Square, Dublin 6

The sound of Spring.

Will O’Connell writes:

We had a power cut but burglar alarms go off every single day in the area and often don’t switch off until owners return in the evening.

I don’t understand why we don’t just outlaw them.

Nobody must ever take them seriously for their original purpose and modern technology must surely have surpassed the need for an external alarm.


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7 thoughts on “Car Alarmuration

  1. kellma

    I couldn’t agree more. They serve only to irritate. I had the pleasure a few years back of having to listen to my adjoining neighbour’s alarm for 5 days solid, while they were on hols. It was allegedly a monitored Phonewatch alarm but when I rang Phonewatch to “go postal” down the phone at them they said the alarm was not activated according to their system and despite the thing going off in the background while I was on the phone to him he tried to tell me it definitely was not going off. I stayed at my friend’s house for two nights because I thought I might actually go insane and or track down the Phonewatch call centre staff member and disembowel him. In fairness, the neighbours were mortified when they got back.

  2. William Campbell

    Here’s a suggestion: Get out a ladder and a lump hammer and silence it.

    You would be exposed to two legal hazards. The first, a criminal prosecution for criminal damage, would require proof that you intended to damage it; since it is evidently not working beforehand, any prosecution would need to argue that it was more not working afterwards. I don’t see the DPP relishing arguing that before a jury.

    The second is a civil action for damages. You would be entitled to countersue. You can see where this is going…

  3. frank o'shea

    Vested interests keep the noise out of the news. I include house alarms too.
    Good to see mention here, won’t change a thing . . .
    Vested interests!!

  4. Afterlight

    When living in Germany back in the 90’s, if your house alarm was off for more than 15 mins the police would be on to you and handing you a hefty fine. Should be the same here, fair enough if it’s a once off but a regular occurrence for lazy people to get their systems fixed.

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