Ken writes;

So what with the coming onslaught of (presumably US-funded) pro-life FB ads that will be hitting swing voters, but which the rest of us will apparently never see because we’re not targets, it occurred to me that one way this sort of stuff might be counteracted, or highlighted anyway, is by asking your readers to send in screen grabs of any dubious (or undubious) Repeal-related FB ads they are getting, and that way at least a light is being shone on what’s going on?

Above is an ad from a mate (I don’t get these, I get pounded by ‘Masterclass…’ ads), I have no idea if this is on the pro-life website, and I have no intention of checking, but it does look a bit dodgy to me, and chances are there are plenty more like it – it might even be worth setting up a FB profile that you think is likely to attract this sort of advertising.

I know you and the Irish Times don’t exactly get along, but Fintan O’Toole had a piece there a while ago about Kanto/Thomas Borwick [Brexit pollsters] which portented a ‘firestorm’ of social media ads – it would be sweet to see what these ads actually were?

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  1. Sentient Won

    Yes, let’s just generally hate on stuff we have “no idea” about and refuse to research for ourselves because it conflicts with a narrative that has been predetermined for us by a de-humanising exercise in group think.


    1. The Ghost of Starina

      Or we can keep an eye on organisations which have proven to be dodgy agents of misinformation on repeated occasions, in a world where bots and targeted misinformation have been used to sway elections.

    2. Nigel

      When two competing political campaigns are advocating for different results in an upcoming referendum they sometimes take a teensy tiny peek at each other just to see if there are any fibs being told that could be corrected or silly-billy arguments that could be countered.

      There! Now you know!

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    I thank the computer gods frequently for Adblock and Ghostery because they save my eyes from all this antichoice bilge.

    1. :-Joe

      Adblock and Ghostery are good but not the best..

      I use and recommend the following

      Firefox (or one of it’s vesions like TORfox for whistleblowers etc.)
      – Change your default search to or if you prefer google but both without stealing your data.

      – Set firefox to Accept cookies but NEVER accept third party cookies nad keep until firefox is closed. Any website you use just add the exception to allow it for utility, banking accounts etc. etc.

      + Extensions / Add-pns for Firefox :

      – NOSCRIPT to control website scripts. i.e Turn on/off advertising / tracking / malware etc. It can seem abit complicated but if you learn it bit by bit it’s the best security plugin to not only see what websites and scripts are trying to do but also how to control them on your terms.

      – uBlock Origin ad blocker

      – HTTPS everywhere Tells firefox to always use the secure / encrypted links to websites instead of dodgy insecure ones.

      – DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials will add more security and options for searching and customizing


  3. Glat1

    That doctor looks vaguely familiar. Is he a real doctor or one of those pretend TV doctors?

  4. newsjustin

    That advert is just Dr Leo Varadkar, a medical doctor, explaining that, in his view:

    “In countries with very liberal laws, like Britain for example, not only do they end the life of the unborn, they also put women at risk, cos women can die as a result of terminations, can be injured as a result of them, or even lose their fertility.”

    He said this to the a few years ago. You might dispute what he said but the ad is perfectly straightforward and correct. It is simply a doctor (who is now Taoiseach) explaining what he understands to be the risks of abortion.

    I actually think your idea is a good idea – to monitor online campaign adverts – but some pro-choice people just can’t tolerate any pro-life message, even straightforward stuff like this one.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      What prochoice can’t tolerate is the lies and dishonesty peddled by so called “prochoice”. Every surgery has risks. Would you circulate a video that says “women can die as a result of heart surgery”?

      Since the Taoiseach has changed his mind and become pro choice, it’s typical of the sneaky, underhand tactics employed by antis and Kanto/Cambridge Analytica to find old footage to suit their agenda. I’d say there’s footage out there of prolife abortionist saint Levatino boasting about his thousands of kills, but people who believe in the right to choose wouldn’t stoop so low as to turn it into an ad!

      1. newsjustin

        I think the Taoiseach needs to be asked if he was incorrect in what he said to the journal. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. If so, what evidence has he heard that has changed his mind.

        It’s all quite straightforward. Take abortion out of it for a moment. Any politician making such a 180 degree turn on an important issue can and will expect it to be brought up and scrutinised. I’m sure Leo will be out in front during the campaign debating the merits of the constitutional amendment and the proposed legislation with those who disagree with them.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          If Levatino can change his mind without scrutiny from his antichoice fanclub, why not Varadkar?

          1. newsjustin

            Everyone can change their minds Daisy. Even you. You may become pro-life if you didn’t block all pro-life messages. Is that what you’re afraid of?

            Likewise anyone can query anyone who does change their mind why they’ve done so. Not in a hectoring, nasty way. Just in a way that helps us all to understand why we might change our own positions on matters. That is what a referendum campaign is all about after all.

            Yeah. I can’t wait for the radio and TV debates that the Taoiseach, Tainaiste and Minister for Health ( and other ministers) who are promoting the constitutional amendment and legislation will take part in with others who disagree with them.

      2. david

        Hang on de teashock states that women die etc from abortion who is a doctor and because it dose not suit you you rubbish it.
        He stated the risks and you want this buried ?
        I would say you are a hypocrite and the worst type
        We are talking about a law to end a babies life before you can call it a baby a matter of life and death and you expect only one side be heard ?
        And its the side you support.
        How old are you? Five
        An old saying is youth is wasted on the young ,and no wonder laws define 18 as the minimum age for a responsible adult to be heard instead of juveniles like yourself.

  5. Peter

    I was dozing through a Daily Mail Facebook video about a hampster who could climb stairs when the aforementioned Leo ad dropped into it without a bye your leave.
    Too traumatised to wait and see if the hamster made it to the top!

  6. Joe Small

    I play Rugby Manager on my android phone – small thing that helps keep me sane. I was looking through the transfer market over my cornflakes when an anti-abortion video popped up. Very very unwelcome. Fairly sophisticated stuff though.

  7. :-Joe

    If you want some justice contact facederp and mr. determined to get rich zuckering the life out of the mind of the planet and ask for all the data they have on you and who is it connected to.

    And ask for your SHADOW PROFILE and all the SHADOW PROFILES of people you may not even know that are linked to your accounts.

    After that if you don’t delete your accounts for some insane reason or you have to use a marketing company to get your information from then re-create a dummy profile with minimal fake information and set all the privacy settings to GO F%$K YOURSELF !

    If you want to know more about what’s going on with facederp, SCL, CA,, Trump, Brexit, Russia , Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Trinidad and even Ireland is mentioned in there amongst many illuminating details about geo-politics…

    Start here and watch this in full:

    Probably the most important piece of film/media content you’ll see in years, if you have an attention span longer than a cat video.

    Paul-Olivier Dehaye talks about two years or more trying to get the exact information that facederp has on him while living in Ireland with the help of the data commissioner and E.U law.

    Chris Wylie is basically an endless whistle sound of what’s really going on with everyone’s data and various other pearls of wisdom with rare insight and real time facts and information on geo-politics..

    i.e Watch all his videos online…he’s often hilarious because his story and the truth is so insane.. Infinitely more important and more interesting than almost any typical online binge series, apart from some other well made documentaries on important issues.

    Stranger than fiction, you couldn’t make it up etc.


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