Flagrant Chatter Breach


A big thank you to, clockwise from top left: Johnny Keenan, Luke Brennan, Vanessa Foran, Neil Curran, Olga Cronin and Preposterous, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, produced by Neil, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Matters were dominated by developments at Independent News and Media as Olga, Preposterous and celebrity accountant Vanessa attempted to explain the Denis Data Breach story with, in fairness, limited success.

Our ‘at a glance’ guide:

2:00 INM through the out door.
44:48 – De Entertainment Slot
– R.I.P. Eric Bristow
1:07:57 – Why the obsession with the INM story
1:28:47 – The Shayna Posts
– Luke’s Etchings
1:37:55 – De Papers

Some swearing.

Thanks all.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly

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23 thoughts on “Flagrant Chatter Breach

    1. scottser

      there you are bertie, it took you a while to surface after wednesday night..
      i heard one wag say ‘ i haven’t seen scousers get so excited about one leg since paul mccartney met heather mills’ i chuckled..

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I’m still here and optimistic that they can see it out on Tuesday.

        Fantastic performance, just an awful pity that the actions of a tiny minority of supporters have tainted the win somewhat.

        Kudos to Pep as well for his response in the aftermath, he’s a good egg.

          1. bisted

            …I suppose on a site that has fillers from petrol heads, animation freaks and lego fetishists…a few recidivist head-the -balls has to be expected…

    2. Brother Barnabas

      on a sort of related note, cope’s novel from a few years ago (one three one) is well worth reading. utterly bonkers as you’d expect, but excellent

  1. Lilly

    Is it reasonable to assume that the info on the USB stick that mysteriously made its way to DOB’s desk was obtained by hacking Redflag’s system?

    1. anne

      Yep..that’s what I thought.

      The judge told Fat head ‘you hardly expect me to believe a usb stick landed on your desk’ , to which fat head said ‘meh, don’t care, it were the best I could think of’

      Not very bright is our Maltese exile, is he?

  2. italia'90

    Don’t write anything on the internet that you don’t want your mother to read on the front of the Sunday Independent, as the saying goes ;)

  3. anne

    The Irish Times have behaved very poorly towards Shayna.. I hope she gets some good legal advice on it.

    I didn’t like one of her comments in relation to the complainant’s parents’ house, (which she said came up in the trial) but whatever..regardless of that I don’t think she disobeyed the judge’s instructions with her comments.

    What the fupp are the PSNI at wanting her comments for the last 6 months? Time for a few pseudonyms like half the commenters on Broadsheet do.

    Lets all call ourselves “I’m Shayna” for a while & comment over VPNs.. The peelers will be kept busy, coz they obviously have sweet f all to be doing, than trawling through people’s waffle on here. They’re a weird shower up there.

    Was she allowed have a thought about the trial 6 months ago?

    We only recently found out she was a juror, any comments before she said she was a juror wouldn’t have influenced anyone.

    This is thought police stuff.

    Why have the Irish Times behaved so poorly towards an ordinary member of the public who just happened to be called for jury duty, and just stated why the jury came to the conclusion they did?

    This is all nonsense. If she needs any contribution for legal fees count me in.

    1. Lilly

      My guess is that The Irish Times has been gunning for Broadsheet since the Kate Fitzgerald story, and Shayna is collateral damage.

      Most people here are just yakking, not monitoring comments so they can report them to the NI authorities.

      1. anne


        Well they should have stood up for Kate Fitzgerald & her family & shouldn’t have kowtowed to bullies.

        They’ve no problem standing up to ordinary people like Shayna though..calling up authorities in another jurisdiction, repeating in a sleazoid manner about her fear over their actions, which they failed to mention. No problem at all standing up to people who aren’t at all powerful.

  4. david

    I see the agenda is started to increase public sector pay before the budget yet again
    All the sob stories from tinker tailor soldier spy
    The bloated public sector pay will increase and when brexit happens the rest of us in the private sector who create the wealth will be shafted yet again
    This country is living way beyond its means

  5. Lilly

    Had to laugh at Fintan O’Toole’s carefully worded article today. DO’B can’t but feel patronised.

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