Stand-Up Sunday


Free Sunday?


A FREE comedy festival at the Comedy Crunch, 1 Dame Court, Dublin 2, kicking off at midday.

Colm McGlinchey writes:

“The Comedy Crunch and Franciscan Well love Irish comedy and want to share some of our favourite comedians with you. Some you’ll have heard of and some you won’t – but all are brilliant.

We’re inviting everybody to come and see them on Sunday, April 8th at our first-ever #CrunchFest: an all-day comedy festival that’s FREE to enjoy.

Comedians performing on the day include Colm O’Regan, Edwin Sammon, John Collary, Damian Clark and Broadsheet favourite  Emma Doran (top).

Crunchfest (Facebook)


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15 thoughts on “Stand-Up Sunday

    1. Brother Barnabas


      i’ve moved on

      (things obviously weren’t helped by bodger/chompsky deleting my messages to her)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I had a nice glass-een of wine with lunch and now the office is too warm and I’m feeling a tad snoozy. I just rested by chin on my hand there and tried to see if I could go to sleep. I definitely could.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Oh. I wish the temperature was due to weather rather than sitting too near a radiator!
          A ta santé. I can’t do a backwards fada, sorry.

    2. scottser

      i could swallow a pint of rebel red in one go, so strong is my friday goo right now.

      1. Eamo

        I’m a recovering alcoholic , dry eight years. Most of the lads I used drink with had problems with the gargle I recall the oul goo you’re talking about well, we used call it the Swally

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