Meanwhile, In Switzerland


This morning.

In Switzerland…

Ahead of the  International Wheelchair Rugby Federation World Championships in Sydney, Australia, from August 5 to 10…

Irish Wheelchair Association Sport tweetz:

Ireland have recorded a sensational 55-47 victory over Brazil at the World Championship Qualification Tournament in Switzerland this morning.



9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Switzerland

    1. Boules

      Played a couple of times. Very enjoyable and very intense. Great sport.
      Best of Luck Ireland!!

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    I think anyone who gets picked to represent the country deserves support.

    Go Team Ireland.

  2. MsTStruction

    Ireland Men’s Roller Derby are also playing in the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup in Barcelona this week. Just sayin’.


  3. Mourning Ireland

    It’s still toxic masculinity whether it’s Spit Roast or Meals on Wheels. #boycott

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