This afternoon.

Moore Street, Dublin 1

The launch of Amnesty’s ‘It’s Time To Talk’ campaign urging a Yes vote in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

From left: Independent Senator Lynn Ruane, Minister for Health Simon Harris, Grainne Griffin, co-director of Together for Yes and Amnesty International Ireland Executive Director Colm O’Gorman.



This afternoon.

The Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2

Louise Dunleavy with her daughter Ava at a Save the Eighth Press Conference. Louise had a condition called Spinal Epidural Abscess during her pregnancy.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This afternoon.

Yes and No posters in central Dublin.

Earlier: Four Hours



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50 thoughts on “Yes But No

  1. newsjustin

    I hope a journalist asks the Minister if he thinks it’s ok to campaign shoulder-to-shoulder with an organisation that is at odds with SIPO and refusing to comply with their instructions.

      1. david

        Maybe the yes campaigns poster raises a few questions
        Yes we trust women but can we trust politicians to make laws that will not be abused?
        Yes trust women
        But no do not trust one politician for they lie
        So unless what is replacing the eight ammendment is stated on the ballot vote no

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          The text to replace the 8th in the Constitution will be on the ballot so you’re free to vote Yes.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            What is the actual text? Is it a straight yes/no, or a yes/no subject to replacing the existing text with something about the government having the power to change things from now on?

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The actual text hasn’t been released yet as far as I know.

            My understanding is replacing it with something granting the Oireachtas the power to legislate but I could be wrong.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            So, there should be two referendums then, because people would vote yes or no on the substantive issue, but the yes or no is also dependent on the additional text. Cute hood referendum?

          4. Sheik Yahbouti

            Ah, “the substantive issue” – how I have not missed that wonderful phrase since the last referendum ;-(

          5. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The point of the referendum is to remove the detail from the Constitution and leave it to legislation. That being true a second referendum to put detail back in would be counter productive.

            The Constitution is not the place for laws to get specific, as has been thoroughly demonstrated by the 8th.

            The proposed legislation to be introduced should the referendum pass is more or less out there now and certainly will be before the vote.

          6. david

            No it will not be
            The wording and law will be decided by politicians and others at a later date
            This is my point because a constitutional law can only be changed by referendum and I want to see exactly what law we are voting for
            And constitutional law is what all laws must embrace

          7. Nigel

            Welcome to democracy David where politicians shape legislation and pass laws is this new for you?

        2. italia'90

          Do you trust Bibi Netanyahu to make laws that will not be abused or tell lies?

          Amnesty International is an NGO focused on human rights,
          the stated objective of the organization is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.”
          There were 6 journalists shot by Israel last week, randomly apparently, all were already born and one was killed.
          Explain this hypocrisy thingy again.
          The pro-life legion of liars aren’t that concerned about the already born.

          1. yemendavid

            Here we have the ghost of Irish soccer past with his flotilla to Gaza slant
            Netanyahu dose not make the laws the Knesset dose and they are passed by the law makers
            The Gaza incidents were incited and organised by Hamas to lead more lambs to the slaughter
            They through their hostile actions against Israel have created the biggest shit hole on this planet
            If you want to see a real death playground look no further than the Arab solution for Arab security
            Go looking through the Gerry images of Syrian war and compare that to the manner and severity of how Israel deals with threats
            Look at the Saudi’s in Yemen or the Iraqi in Iraq or Libya
            Or the EU in Arab nations

          2. italia'90

            They were journalists, not members of Hamas.
            One was murdered by the Israeli’s.
            Did you see the video of the murderers celebrating their heroic victories?
            Sickening, ignorant scumbags. You have a lot in common.

            The Knesset is made up of politicians.
            You don’t trust politicians because they lie.
            Below is a quote from your earlier post:
            “But no do not trust one politician for they lie”

            You are about as effective at debating/arguing as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition.

        3. Cu Cullan

          So two wrongs make a right..? You might be 60 but you still have the mind of young child..

          1. yemendavid

            Cu Cullen do you not have one rational thing to say?
            All you do is slag someone off with no reason for why?
            What do you mean by two wrongs do make a right?
            Your comment is a bit lost
            what is it referring to and who ?

          2. david

            Getting a bit confusing here with the broadsheet changing peoples avatars
            When I posted that comment I was David
            Overnight its Yemen David
            Is this comment thread altering posts ?
            If so boys credibility is at stake
            Also I stated Getty images and today I see Gerry images

    1. david

      And amnesty international stands on saving life but also for killing the unborn
      True hypocrisy no rights for the unborn

  2. Custo

    I’ve noticed that a lot of Pro Life billboards are alternating on a weekly basis with Go Vegan billboards, and are almost interchangable. Two billboards in Inchicore are one week vegan / one week Pro Life.

    I saw one Vegan billboard last weekend near portobello that I thought at first glance was a Pro Life one.

    Are vegans generally pro-life? or are the Pro Life crew trying to tap into the ever growing ‘casual vegan’ market with some subliminal advertising tricks..?

    1. Basil Brush

      I would think its the vegan movement capitalising on the pro- life message and poster campaign.

      Though I’m pretty certain pro-choice campaigners dont eat babies either. ;)

    2. Djin Genie

      Ooh, interesting.
      Vegans are far more likely to be pro-choice, in my experience: not that there’s a dogma, but certain elements of vegan philosophy translate and the demographic skews young/liberal/socially conscious. It could be subversive tactics by either group but I think it’s more characteristic of manipulative anti-choice advertising to request such placement, trying to capitalise on compassion for animals. Suppose it’s probably coincidental – or that the billboard companies prefer to post political/guilt-inducing ads to specific locations.

  3. Yep

    I know crohns is an awfu disease but Harris seems to be getting more ill everytime I see him.

    1. yemendavid

      Its called realisation that he is going to be found out as a complete tosser
      It kind of increases his stress level agitating his gut and give someone IBS

  4. zip

    There’s an anti-choice poster around expressing horror at abortions in England – “don’t bring it here”, which presumably means they’re ok with women having to go to England.

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      It’s also aimed at linking a Yes vote to introducing the same abortion conditions to Ireland as exist in most of the UK where in fact Ireland will have much less availability than England.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      That’s it exactly.
      Fupp off to godless England for your abortions, ye wife swapping sodomites and dirty hoors.

  5. bisted

    …Amnesty Ireland are a local franchise…O’Gorman is a wonderful organisation…wonderful…

  6. Sentient Won

    Minister Harris promoting only one side of a referendum question?

    I hope he’s not claiming his ministerial salary and/or expenses for the time spent engaging in this blatantly partisan exercise.

    That may surely violate the Supreme Court’s McKenna judgement.

      1. Sentient Won

        You may be correct ReproBertie but if they do “always promote the Yes side” such actions are illegal and unconstitutional according to a 1995 Supreme Court judgement.

        “In 1995 Patricia McKenna won a case in the Supreme Court of Ireland, in which she argued successfully that it was unconstitutional for the Government of Ireland to spend taxpayers money promoting only one side of the argument in a referendum campaign.”

        Not that Repeal-ers care. They’ll pull any stroke – lies, stunts, fake news, illegal sources of funding, unconstitutional government action, biased moderation of debate – in order to allow the world-wide Abortion industry gain a foothold here.

        Shame on you all.

        1. ReproBertie

          Illegal to spend taxpayers money on it, not illegal to promote it.

          Not that facts matter to the Retain side who are happy to lie and present fake qualifications in order to maintain control over women.

          Shame on them all.

          1. Sentient Won

            Who pays Simon Harris’ ministerial salary?

            Your lies are ever more transparent daily.

            Desperation is obvious.

          2. ReproBertie

            How Simon Harris spends his salary is his business.

            Grasping at straws there. Clearly the Retainers are rattled by how much financial support the people of Ireland were willing to stump up for Together For Yes yesterday.

          3. Sentient Won

            Sliders gonna slide.

            Harris’ Ministerial salary is paid by taxpayers. He has an official duty to uphold the constitution which as of this moment includes the protection for the life of the unborn and their mothers.

            Yet here he is openly associating with an organisation that is itself aligned with a one-time Nazi and a promoter of the world-wide Abortion Industrial Complex.

          4. ReproBertie

            I have no doubt you were complaining just as vociferously when Mattie McGrath was out campaigning for Retain.

            If this is the best the No side can do then it’s no wonder they’re investing their time in fake nurses.

          5. Sentient Won

            Still sliding.

            Remind us: Which ministerial position(s) has Mattie McGrath held since the referendum was called?

            What exactly are the unconstitutional actions he is advocating?

          6. david

            Actually ministers paid from public funds should not be able to make their opinions known
            For this is for the public to decide not the government
            We could say conflict of interest has raised its ugly head
            Each poster put up should be made impartial by both sides of the coin given equal airing

          7. Nigel

            You want to ban politicians from expressing political opinions? You antis are really quite the little despots aren’t you?

  7. david

    This referendum is to be decided by the people of Ireland not their representatives
    That is the whole point of a referendum
    Sentiment won pointed this out with the Patricia mcKenna judgement
    Its all there to see
    My point is constitutional law protects from abuse of legislated laws.
    And each law introduced must comply with the constitution
    The only protection unborn will ever have is from the constitution, and I for one will never trust a government again to protect our people.
    Everywhere you look you see homelessness, lawlessness and a selfish apathetic dumbed down people
    A society that the founding fathers of this state would turn over in their graves to see. what this country has been reduced to
    Each and every one of them have shafted our people

    I want to know exactly what they propose to legislate on that ballot paper before voting yes or no

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