56 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. SOQ

      Why such rush to take action given that the independent experts only went in this morning? At Russia’s invite of course.

      1. Nigel

        If Trump doesn’t fire some missiles before 48 hours have elapsed he’ll get distracted and forget the whole thing.

      2. david

        The big question is
        When the hard border is established who will be patrolling it?
        PESCO or a European customs team?
        Evidently the planting of ideas in the publics brains has begun
        The garda are under strain, the lack of personal ,how can we cope?
        The offer comes in from the Reich ,they will donate the personal needed
        Then little Leo verruca says gratefully yes

        1. Nigel

          Maybe the stump of Empire will send redcoats with muskets to patrol the area and set fire the local’s cottages and pour hot pitch on anyone they suspect of being dodgy.

          1. david

            They stopped wearing red uniforms before WW1
            Funny enough the French adopted khaki during WW1 because the losses were so big
            The history of camouflage
            Muskets went out in the 1800s

          2. Nigel

            I didn’t think there was logic involved in the callbacks to brutal and oppressive regimes.

    1. ahjayzis

      He reddens. I reckon he’s a tonne of makeup on to hide that. It’s a fail, he looks like a corpse.

    2. SOQ

      Have to say, it is quite satisfying to see the smug Zuckerberg being called to account. Problem is, at this point they don’t actually know how many users were affected or even who else accessed the same or other data. Facebook’s entire security model is now shot to pieces.

    3. david

      Apparently its rumoured lots of that data leaks from Facebook came from the Dublin headquarters.
      Seems to me if this is true, will this country be subject to this class action suit in the USA?
      and investment in IT in this country is under threat as companies will be thinking is Ireland safe?
      Trouble ahead over this.
      And Leo’s socks cannot influence the world

  1. Bernie

    Great to see the increasing use of chemical castration for paedophiles /sex abusers, on the agenda across the water. Not before time and I sincerely hope that Ireland follows their lead or implements the same treatment if not already doing so – as miniscule a price to pay, it may be, considering their crimes.

      1. Topsy

        Or relatives – who are far more likely to sexually abuse a child than any member of the clergy. But hey don’t let the facts bother you.

        1. ahjayzis

          You should let the thousands of children the clergy abused and enabled the abuse of.

          They need to know you’ve cancelled out those crimes with your mystic whataboutery.

          Except don’t – because people like you are the reason it was allowed to happen.

          1. Cian

            Topsy is correct. Most abuse is performed by family.

            For the thousands of children that the clergy abused, there are tens of thousands of children that were abused over the same time by family members.

            These tens of thousands need to know you’ve cancelled out those crimes.

          2. david

            Cain ,most murders are carried out by someone known
            Most murders of spouses are done by spouses
            So your point?
            All sexual abusers should be castrated flogged and branded on the forehead and those who have died should have the word etched on their grave stones

        1. david

          I wonder what their views are about the victims
          Maybe every one of that quango should have a sex abuser living in their home

          1. ReproBertie

            Am I reading that right? You’re dismissing the European Court of Human Rights as a quango?

          2. david

            Out rage by Bertie?
            It behaves like a quango
            Ever visited a roma site in north paris
            Where EU citizens live in shit

      1. Nigel

        The funny thing is you fully support the military intervention of Russia in the Syrian conflict, so not quite the peacenik you make yourself out to be.

        1. jusayinlike

          What military intervention by Russia Nigel?
          Link please?

          If you’re referring to the instances where Russia blew up ISIS supplies and camps that happen to be funded by the “allies”, than yes I fully support that kind of intervention.

        2. f_lawless

          Nigel, you don’t seem to be aware that Assad’s government maintains popular support among Syrian citizens – successive western-funded polls have even conceded this. Therefore that government is the legitimate sovereign government of Syria. Russia and Iran have been invited into Syria whereas the US, UK, Turkey, Israel, etc are in breach of international law by conducting military operations there without permission.

  2. Martco

    flabbergasted as usual that Martin Callinan avoids the front pages despite of the revelations yesterday

    but yet plenty of space for some whataboutery about the poor oul Gardai & how stretched they are

    patiently awaiting the next big drugs or guns seizure goodnews story in 5…4…3..

  3. Jimmey_russell

    drumpf needs to stop being such a coward and ATTACK!! assad is an animal he literally gassed his own people only stupid weirdo conspiracy theory creeps are saying stupid things like only a moron would gas attack inside territory his forces already held when he was winning as it would bring international responses against him. Hillary would have had the balls to stand up to him and putin and would have ordered russian planes shot down and positions destroyed, putin is LITERALLY hitler he is behind all of this the US and EU need to take him and his regime out once and for all.

  4. michael walsh

    Lord Mayor of Dublin Micheál Mac Donncha has described attempts by the Israeli authorities to prevent him from entering Palestine as censorship.?
    If, only Jean McConville and Paul Quinn had been sentenced to censorship
    They would still be alive.
    Count yourself lucky, Lordy Lordy.

    1. Johnny

      yeah ok dirty harry-like WTF-try to get out a bit more,find a support group or something…………….

      1. michael walsh

        Johnny, i play golf, go for a swim, have drinks and fags and then have a meal with wine every day.
        Can you suggest a support group that would enhance this miserable life.
        I bet your favorite song is
        ”Disappointment has always been my closest friend”

          1. michael walsh

            You replied to me initially about my comment on Lordy, Lordy of dublin.
            However, your anally retentive reply above suggests – early night, school AM

    2. david

      Hang on we have a wanted IRA terrorist as lord mayor of Dublin
      Surly not
      You must be confusing Dublin with Gaza city

  5. michael walsh

    Johnny, you never mentioned Jean McConville or Paul Quinn
    Too embarrassed?
    night night

    1. jusayinlike

      What about the loughinisland massacre Michael?

      Documented collusion between the UVF and the RUC.

      Never solved by the RUC, who answers for that Michael?

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