Out Of The Shadows


Did you stay in?

A big, enveloping hug to, clockwise from top left: Johnny Keenan, Vanessa Foran, ‘Preposterous‘, Naomi McArdle, Olga Cronin and Neil Curran, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, produced by Neil Curran, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Despite audio issues, Naomi spoke movingly of her friend Dara Quigley on the first anniversary of the social activist’s death (see also below) and the panel assessed the meaning of being shadow banned.

Our ‘at a glance’ guide

1:23Broadsheet Twitter shadowban: “conspiracy” and “artificial Insemination”
13:50 – Dara Quigley
20:00 – De Entertainment Slot
35:25 – INM Data Breach Update
49:55 – More Dara
1:08:53 – Disclosures Update with Olga
1:48:50 – De Papers


A Night For Dara (Facebook)

Illustration: Dolly

16 thoughts on “Out Of The Shadows

  1. Sentient Won

    Broadsheet complaining about censorship while it “moderates” those contributors to its site who are not in lock-step with its programming.


    Meanwhile, this

    1. david

      They are also moderating mine because it goes against many posting on this site
      I think they think free speech is only when you agree with the party line
      I take it you are anti repeal?

      1. Frill the 8th

        What d’ye tink of the show anyway

        Or do ye just spread this slurry everywhere and have no idea what this thread is for

        1. david

          Well if its a SCUnit well says it all
          The moderating of posts of people who do not agree with the broadside jersey reminds me of broadsheet DRNK with the little Kim rocketman show

      2. Bob

        I don’t like the unexplained censorship here either (they should at least indicate that a post has been removed) but maybe they are deleting you because you make strange claims about Nazi Germany and the Jews and then tell people to go read history instead of making even a small effort to provide proper context for your comments. If your points are as clear as you seem to think they are then it should be easy for you to clarify and provide at least a few relevant links.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Well I’ve had stuff deleted and poop pooped
          Loads a’times
          And never followed up
          Moaned or complained
          Their gaff
          Their rules

          Simple as that

        2. david

          So you want posted links rather than use your brain and research do you?
          If you actually checked them you would find though strange in a world that is supposed to advanced ,you will find they are all historically fact.
          You see credibility is an issue.
          When you post untrue comments you loose credibility.

  2. david

    All my posts are moderated since I seem to be going against the grain
    And a few repeated trolls ganging up like Dogs on heat especially when I mention SCUnit
    I take it you are anti repeal

  3. Not Gerry Adams

    it’s all part of the #qanon conspiracy… weird how nothing came of that, isn’t it? What does Bodger say?

    1. Frilly Qeane

      ‘wouldn’t be so cocky there Gerry, Not
      that Backpage.com fella got a very too sweet deal for child trafficking and AML offences
      And he didn’t get it for nothing

      Who’s he hanging

  4. Frill the 8th

    Only someone with an agenda or on someone else’s time would bother, with even half that

    They’d be off on thefreekick or hoganstand wherever if they are genuine broadsetters

    Cause it’s not like you’re here for the laughs and banter n’ the like
    And honestly;
    There’s more personality from the bannisters at the top of the house here than you
    So we wouldn’t miss ya anyway
    So don’t feel obliged

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