Cutting Vera Off


Last night.

Vera Twomey accepting her ‘People of the Year’ award for her struggle to obtain medicinal cannabis for her daughter, Ava.

David T writes:

Vera’s acceptance speech included criticism of Leo Varadkar [who was present] and his government’s policy in this area.

RTÉ, in their highlights clip (above), has chosen to edit this out. It was a magnificent speech and took a lot for Vera to speak out… Unbelievable censorship from the state broadcaster.


Historian Catherine Corless and campaigner Vera Twomey among winners honoured at People of the Year Awards (


In fairness.

52 thoughts on “Cutting Vera Off

  1. Cian

    I don’t know how long the whole speech was – but it is not usual to cut them for highlights. It’s what highlight means.

      1. Cian

        a clip?

        it depends on your point of view. Vera was there because of her determination. The ‘news’ was that she won the award. Her speech was secondary.

        1. Liam Deliverance

          Nice try Cian – I would argue that, in this case, “awards” were secondary, and the point she was making was more important.

  2. david

    Apparently the price of this medical cannabis is 1600.00 euro a month
    Do not get me wrong I do not smoke it or buy it but seriously how can something cost so much when you hear children out of their pocket money can afford to buy the illegal stuff
    Profiteering off suffering is more like it
    Maybe boy Harris needs to explain himself

    1. scottser

      it’s not cannabis herb, it’s cannabis oil. her daughter is not going to smoke 1600 bucks worth of weed every month you moron.

      1. david

        Less of the moron moron
        Rather than insults please explain how something so cheap to buy then extract the oil out of ends up so expensive?
        Oil extraction is not exactly rocket science
        I suppose you are the expert so please give us your wisdom?

          1. Frilly Keane

            I know I shouldn’t have

            But at least I don’t have’ta change out the shurt
            So that’s something

          2. david

            Penicillin is not made from mouldy bread, you can make home made penicillin from mouldy bread
            I doubt 1600 euros for penicillin would be an option

          3. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The cannabis oil treatment that Vera Twomey’s daughter receives is not €1600 per month. It’s €12,000 per year so €1,000 per month. That’s nothing to do with Rip off Ireland as she receives her treatment in the Netherlands. The cost of treatment is reimbursed by the HSE.

          4. dav

            blushirts are really trying hard to discredit a mother of a sick child, then again, their champion noonan, dragged a dying woman through the courts…

          5. david

            Bertie you made my point she gets it in Holland but again it dose not explain the difference between the cheap illegal drug and the expensive legal product which is cannabis that they have extracted the oil from

            The 1600 euro was mentioned as the cost when introduced in Ireland
            But nice try

          6. ReproBertie (SCU)

            I made your point by showing that your figures are wrong and that your incorrect figures are nothing to do with rip off Ireland?

            Right, OK.

        1. realPolithicks

          “Less of the moron moron”

          Says the guy who awarded “moron of the year” to someone in another thread. You really are a moron.

        1. J9

          It’s not the same kind of cannabis oil … The legal oil available here is made from hemp and has no THC present and only and minimal amounts of CBD.

        2. Neilo

          That CBD oil is a hape o’nonsense. I was told it would help with a poor night’s sleep. Folks, it doesn’t.

          1. Bernie

            It works for some people, a friend of mine has found it very helpful in calming her anxiety, whilst learning to drive.

          2. Neilo

            @RealP: ah sure, Bernie’s already told us that it worked most effectively for a friend. You wouldn’t want to take too much I say at face value! :)

    1. Bernie

      My +1 was for Brother Barnabas but you make a good point David.

      Scottser, it’s still grossly overpriced.

      1. david

        We in Ireland have for too long not questioned.
        Its time maybe we questioned because across everything in this country we seem to pay the most
        Its morons like scotter who are the reason I think we are in the place we are,a nation of mugs to be ripped off

        1. Cian

          godsdammit scottser.
          It’s *your* fault that I paid €1.29/l for my diesel last week, whereas in England they only pay £1.20!

          1. scottser

            yes indeed cian it is my fault. everything. from hitler to bondholders, from the smoking ban to the housing crisis, it’s all my fault. but at least i don’t go around blaming others for my own crap life like yer man above.
            anyway, cian i never took you for a diesel car driver. always thought you’d be more of a hybrid sort of guy.

          2. Cian

            Sorry scottser- the diesel thing was a subtle dig at david.
            I drive neither diesel nor hybrid. Anyway don’t ya know the joke:

            Q: “How do you know if someone drives a hybrid[1]?”
            A: “Because they will tell you!”

            [1] replace ‘drives a hybrid’ with ‘is a vegan’, ‘has an iphone’, ‘has run a marathon’ , …

  3. phil

    Astonishing , I know the TV license is for the physical box , rather than at ability to receive a signal from RTE, but is there anyway I can get out of paying it, I need to keep the TV.

    I don’t have the ability to receive RTE signal , Id be happy to pay the 160 to charity in lieu of the license…

    1. Paul

      if you have a television that is capable of receiving a publicly broadcast signal, you need a license. Even without an aerial on the top of your house, set-top box etc. Even a broken television as it could be repaired.

      solution: get a computer monitor and use that instead. It’s technically an extension of whatever computer you have in your house so unless a broadcast license appears, you should be safe*

      *I said the same via email to the inspector who queried our house and they left us alone.

      1. david

        They are onto that
        It will now be a communication licence taking in mobile phones and computers

        1. Cian

          Hmm. Having a Radio/TV licence kinda made sense while they were emerging technologies – only the people that were using and benefiting from them paid for them.

          But once they became normal then the licence should have been removed and the stations paid for out of general taxation.

          The administration costs alone of the licence must cost millions each year. Waste of money.

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            While you make a good point about the licence, funding public service broadcasting out of general taxation leaves it even more prone to keeping the government of the day sweet.

          2. Cian

            Because the Irish media (outside RTE) are so quick to criticise the government?

            But I see your point.

            Perhaps we need some way that whoever it is that can set the licence fee instead can set an amount that the government needs to spend

  4. Frilly Keane

    C’mere David T
    What’s unbelievable
    About RTE censorship

    They gave Enda more airtime speaking time and repeated viewing when he pilgrimaged up Croagh sum’ting,
    Than they gave that girl on her walk from Cork

  5. Johnny Keenan

    ‘Morning Ireland’ the news and current affairs programme for #RteBias had a segment about #PeopleOfTheYearAwards. Even though Vera Twomey made a fantastic heart felt speech that called out Varadkar to do his job it didn’t even get one mention.
    She got a standing ovation at the ceremony last night and her speech is trending number 1 on Twitter.
    My point is that RTE is the propaganda tool of the establishment. They serve the government but not the people.
    Vera Twomey fought for her daughter and she won. She walked from Cork to Dublin to highlight the issue of medical cannabis that her daughter Ava urgently required but was denied by the Fine Gael government.
    The people of Ireland were with Vera every step of the way and we all share a part in this moral victory.
    If we all stand together and fight for each other we can achieve so much.
    As a proud sovereign neutral Republic we are a powerful people.
    We need to take our country back NOW.
    Information Is Knowledge
    Knowledge Is Power
    Power To The Peaceful. Because peaceful people are reasonable people

    Up Vera Twomey!
    Up The Rebels!
    Up The Republic!

    1. Rabid

      I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly.
      Very nicely.put Johnny!

      I’d like to suggest you say ‘We need to take OUR country back NOW.’

      I’m NOT being pedantic, or racist.
      I mean we need to take our country back from the politicians who sell us to the Americans and Germans.

      A Republic is only a Republic when it behaves like a Republic.
      My one needs new batteries.

      My ‘Leader’ thinks it needs a new name.

  6. anne

    “Himself” deleting comments again.

    Bodger, you & the lard-ass can kiss my ass.

    Vera’s award, while great, is a joke. You shouldn’t have to fight the gov. for a drug your child needs. RTE can cut the relevant bits all they like..the gov. shouldn’t have forced this family to fight like this.

    I’ve copied this comment now..I hope it’s to your standards. If it’s not, I’ll be sending it to HQ to ask you or the lard-ass to highlight the bits yer not gone on.

    1. Cian

      anne, while I agree that you shouldn’t have to fight the gov. for a drug your child needs, it is a lot more complicated than that.

      The government (through the HSE) need to provide treatment for millions of people. They have to do this is a safe, efficient and cost effective way. They do this by diagnosing the patients illnesses and choosing from a selection of medicines that have been approved for particular uses. This works most of the time.

      The HSE can’t just bypass its processes and procedures and purchase some random treatment because the patient’s mother thinks it might work. Granted, in this instance, it did work (and I’m delighted for them it has). The barrier to the licensing of medicinal cannabis is the lack of clinical evidence of its long-term efficacy, as well as the lack of data on its long-term side effects.

      If I remember correctly the HSE would have able to get the cannabis oil more quickly if a qualified neuro-doctor would have vouched for it – but none would – as the research hasn’t been done.

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