A Lad of Eighteen Summers


From top: Kevin Barry; A previously unknown letter to Dr Denis Coffey, first president of University College Dublin. on the eve of Barry’s execution in Mountjoy Prison, November 1, 1920

Dan O’Connell writes:

Breaking: Newly discovered letter by Kevin Barry written on night before his execution to be auctioned by Sheppards next month…

Any excuse.

Letter Signed By Kevin Barry (Sheppards)

Top Pic via Wikipedia

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8 thoughts on “A Lad of Eighteen Summers

    1. Spud

      I’m ashamed to say I didn’t really know of him or much about him.
      I vaguely remember covering the War of Independence in school, but not in detail.
      Perhaps there was a fear of glorifying him and others given the Republicans clearly had him marked as a hero already?

  1. Seamus

    The matter of fact acceptance of his own pending death, the references to heaven put me in mind of the radical Islamists. I wonder was there deep concern in this country 100 years ago that some of the best educated middle class boys in the country were taking this route or did society give succour to this radicalisation.

    1. scottser

      everybody had to take a side, whether they wanted to or not. most people back then probably could not afford the luxury of a liberal world view like yours.
      but i take your point about extremism, that world view is about 100 years out of date.

    2. Pudge

      The same matter-of-fact acceptance of death was the norm among those who died bravely for capitalism in those years, millions and millions of the poor fools.

  2. Friscondo

    Such dignified bravery, at 18, the night before his death. Hope government steps in to keep this in national archive. Why can’t the current holder give it to state. It seems a bit sick to profit from that young mans last hours.

  3. Ciara.

    Kevin Barry was a great person. In the short time he lived he did a great many things, more than most. We owe him and others our democratic freedom.

    1. david

      Unfortunately for him ,the Ireland that is now was not the Ireland I would say he envisioned
      Mind you we will never know
      An Ireland that ceded its sovereignty and accepted a new master
      A Ireland of homelessness and trolleys in our hospitals
      I wonder would he be pro life or pro abortion on demand?
      We will never know
      Bit sick though the holder of this selling it instead of donating it to the state.
      I suppose this is the Ireland he died for

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