First They Ignore You


From top: Maurice McCabe and John Wilson in 2014; Vera Twomey and Catherine Corless, winners of the 2018 People Of The Year awards yesterday.

In fairness.

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Pics via Rhab/ RTÉ

18 thoughts on “First They Ignore You

    1. Kolmo

      +1. The true human spirit that exists behind all the peasant minded climbers and corporate spoofers running the show in Ireland. True grit.

  1. david

    And maybe the award is so they shut their mouths
    Remember bono when Blair went on stage on a live aid concert
    We heard little mouthing after that
    Sorry for the cynical dampener.
    St Finnbarrs mother and baby home is not to get an investigation and our minister for children is proposing a mass grave for the tuam babies
    This must not be allowed to happen

  2. Truth in the News

    These people deserve more since their services to the people and democracy have been at a huge
    personal sacrifice to them selves and their families in some instances.

  3. A person

    Yeah, let’s knock these award winners by stating “maybe the award is so they shut their mouths”. Gob sheen

      1. david

        But its true
        When the instruments of the state honours you ,its time to worry
        Its to shut you up

        1. Cian

          like that Maurice McCabe – he’s disappeared off the radar since he got his ‘Good People Of The Year Award’ back in 2014.

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    Nice to see Catherine Corless getting some recognition for her sterling work on the Tuam story.

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