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  1. Martco

    fair play.

    it took me a while to get my head around Varadker. I used to think he was just this ponzy arrogant fupper. but I’ve come around now to the idea that he’s just actually stupid. he doesn’t get that he’ll go down in history as the man who was at the wheel during a self declared national emergency & did fupp all. Kenny will be pleased because this scutt is making him look good. he’s an empty conman who thinks it’s somehow a good idea to create a rich v poor society to ponz over. normalising being born on the streets. furthermore (I’d declare here that FG would never see a vote from me personally ever ever due to their fundamentals) I can only assume that whomever is actually running things @FG HQ have lost the plot by letting this run along.

    I imagine st. Garret Fitzgerald is turning in his grave.

    1. david

      And little Leo verruca dose not get it
      Meanwhile brexit is looming
      I would say fianna fail are just waiting as fine Gael dig their biggest hole and come election time they will be lucky if they get 400 votes nation wide
      It really is a stain on our history this obscene reality of these children homeless
      Mind you in India this is the accepted practice and call me what you want

      1. realPolithicks

        Your constant references to India when you speak about leo varadkar speak to what you are, a racist.

        1. david

          My half sister in law is an Indian
          Their way of thinking and values are different than ours
          Their society reflects their values and the children are brought up to those values
          They have a work ethic driven by education
          They think that work brings rewards and poverty is a fact of life
          Great cook as well and after that you will accuse me of being a gay basher
          Guess what my brother is gay
          Travel and learn

          1. realPolithicks

            That’s a very interesting story, whats the relevance to varadkar who was born and raised in Dublin?

          2. jusayinlike

            +1 David

            Ignore the whining.

            The fact that you’re under the skin of neo liberals should be like a lullaby to you every night.

        2. david

          Real politic
          The reference is being indian
          And exactly this is it
          you are raised by your family and as such their views their culture their expectations.
          You keep their culture that reflects their values. Or maybe when you grow up you reject it but your younger life shapes your future and views.
          Evidently you are quite the silly .
          My comment is not racist it explains exactly his views on people and maybe the reason why homelessness is not top of his agenda ,and why he stated the early rising hard workers ,needing tax breaks,compared to the failed ones needing state help, who commit welfare fraud.
          And the references to scroungers many pounce on him for

  2. dav

    blushirts do some for the good of the nation?? don’t make me laugh. they want to be seen as those that made the “tough choices” when those choices led the to kick the poor the weak and the helpless while they were and still are, down.

  3. Chris

    There is a lot of apparent concern suddenly everywhere for hypothetical fetal ‘children’ that don’t actually exist, to the point of near fetish levels by various interest groups with self serving aims. Meanwhile these actual real children in need and many more are pushed to one side. We still seem to struggle to bring the debate to the level of a grown up one about family planning and actually help real humans, especially small defenseless ones. The upcoming referendum has made us all experts, on both sides, about scenario babies. Every scenario of conception and scenario of intervening with contraception within and outside of law has been mulled, studied, analysed and even printed in pamphlets. Yet these children are ignored everywhere. Does any one else think this is a bit mad?

    1. david

      I agree and the madness is that its being tolerated
      Overnight this could be solved by instead of building the money spent to secure all the vacant property held by banks and nama

  4. realPolithicks

    The problems of homelessness will not be resolved by this government because they are ideologically opposed to government construction of housing. They want their pals in the private market to continue to benefit from rent subsidies paid to landlords and also from the ever rising sale prices of houses due to the lack of stock.

    1. david

      So what about your statement stating all are opposed to ensure the low paid have a roof over their heads
      That’s very anti Irish
      Worse than even suggesting its Leos up bringing that shapes his views

    2. david

      You forget all the new landlords that made a killing from buying distressed property
      We do not know what was said to them by NAMA and government
      Maybe we will ensure inflated rents so you can make a killing

          1. realPolithicks

            Do you not? That’s such a pity, perhaps if you pay more attention it’ll come to you.

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