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The Kerbs – Creep

Alt rock from Foxford, County Mayo featuring Mark McHale (vocals and guitar), Alex Stupar (lead guitar) an Noel Gallagher* (bass) andK evin Holmes (drums).

Taken from The Kerbs’ debut EP, I Am Zeus’, out in Summer

Thanks Elaine Wynne

* Not the Oasis one, we are reliably informed.

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13 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. james

    I love rubbing pictures of Alex in my scrapbook as much as the next creep…. But, murdering Elaine?! I don’t know.

    1. Alex

      I’ve kept that scrapbook. So the next time you visit me and lock yourself in the room for hours we’ll know your safe

    1. Elaine

      The next video will feature my characters return from the grave to exact sweet revenge….

  2. dav

    OSAIS Noel Gallagher has connections with Charlestown, who’d fight any man or beast from Foxford, and bheat them

  3. Frilly Keane

    ah that’s savage

    is Kerb pronounced the same as Curb

    asking for a friend like

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