LoveBoth Sets Sail


This morning/afternoon.

Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2

Independent TDs Mattie McGrath (pic 2 left) and Michael Healy Rae (pic 2 chatting with Sinead Slattery, who is eight months pregnant) at the launch of the LoveBoth campaign.

The campaign, headed by Cora Sherlock (pic 3), is looking for a ‘No’ vote in the forthcoming Eighth Amendment abortion referendum.

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Love Both launches Eighth Amendment campaign (RTÉ)

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61 thoughts on “LoveBoth Sets Sail

  1. Not On Your Nelly

    What an odd little country we are. Feel free to copy and paste that first sentence to 75% of broadsheet posts.

  2. rotide

    Are you a woman of child bearing age?
    Are you against repeal of the 8th (or dont care)?
    Are you not Katie Anscough because we really are wearing out our welcome there?

    Then come on down for free tea and biscuits because we could really really really do with more than 4 this time!

    Edit: Never mind, Katie is there

  3. Baffled

    Over 100,000 Irish women have traveled to the UK since 1983 for an abortion.

    What these plonkers are campaigning for is to continue to burden their fellow citizens with the expense of travelling to another jurisdiction for this procedure.

    1. Cian

      …it works out[1] that one in eight Irish women have had an abortion!

      Between 1980 and 2016 an estimated 137,000[3] Irish resident women had about 169,000 abortions in the UK.
      Those born between 1961 and 1976 are included since the availability covered the majority of their fertile years (19-40).

      [1] based on the official UK abortion figures for between 1980 and 2016.
      [2] Irish women that have had access to the UK for the majority of their fertile years – i.e. from 18 through 40. NB less than 10% of abortions are for women under 19 or over 40.
      [3] assuming that the Irish rates of second and subsequent abortions is similar to the UK

      1. Hansel

        Yep, now stick that on an ad and away you go: “of every eight women you know, one has had to go to the UK to get an abortion because they couldn’t get it here”.

        1. Cian

          It is probably also true[1] that for every one out of every eight men you meet – their partner has had an abortion.

          [1] unless there are a small number of hugely fertile, enormously promiscuous men that are causing all these crisis pregnancies.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I’m thinking of my close circle of friends. Around a quarter of them have had abortions. And I don’t think that’s very unusual.

          2. Hansel

            I’m not sure Cian. With rapists, the larger ratio of men to women at childbearing age, those aforementioned few enormously promiscuous men, those pregnant women who won’t ever have a partner.
            On average you’re probably right, but it’s a bit like those “how many sexual partners” surveys, we can only guess.

          3. Hansel

            Andyourpointiswhatexactly?, think of the 1-in-8 statistic, that’s for all women since ’61. You’re online, therefore likely younger, born in the easy-to-travel and easy-to-get-info generation, so it makes sense that your friends are bringing that ratio up. Someone born in ’61 might not know as many at all.

          4. Cian

            Hansel, I’m not sure you are correct.

            If I split the abortion count in half time-wise I get 1980-1998: 47%; and 1999-2016: 53%

            But to counteract this the population has been increasing drastically. In 1981 there were 620,000 women (aged 19-45); by 2011 there were 965,000 women (aged 19-45). So a much larger cohort of women are having slightly more abortions.

            * as mentioned below – these numbers exclude abortion pills – so the 1:8 ratio is reasonably steady.

      2. edalicious

        Don’t forget abortion pills too. That, I’m sure, would throw your 1 in 8 figure off by a considerable margin but there’s probably few statistics available for them.

        1. Cian

          You are correct – it doesn’t include abortion pills. It also doesn’t include abortion in any other EU countries. But I believe that these two are a more recent phenomenon and won’t skew the numbers too much.

          The 1-in-8 is definitely a conservative figure.

          1. edalicious

            Oh yeah, good point. Presumably the pills are more of thing since internet shopping became more commonplace.

          2. Cian

            honestly – I don’t know. I haven’t seen any data on abortion pills.

            I have read articles that talk about the reduction in Irish women going to the UK for abortions – and saying that some of this is because of abortion pills. There are also news reports on the numbers of pills seized by customs… but nothing concrete.

        1. dav

          and having worked in a shop/pub on mart day I know most would take their hat off when they came indoors

  4. The Ghost of Starina

    Healy Rae thinks the fairies cause potholes. His opinion on my uterus is like negative points.

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      Is this the Healy Rae who was very upset to hear a minister talk about love and repeal because the dead baby in the boot of the car felt no love? Or was that the brother?

        1. Frilly Keane

          Michael is the one with more teeth

          and the cap

          Danny is the lad that believes the Fairy Folk are to blame

          for everything

  5. jusayinlike

    Financed by the Catholic Church who claim to care for people whilst simultaneously standing unapologeticly over genocide.

    Vile hypocrites..

    1. Cian

      What do you mean by “financed by the Catholic Church”?

      Are you saying that ordinary people, that happen to be RC, are financing this?
      Or the RC is actively collecting money from it’s members and is managing the financing?
      Or the RC is financing this from existing war-chests (from within Ireland)?
      Or the RC is financing this from existing monies (from the Vatican)?
      or something else?

      1. jusayinlike

        What a silly question.

        If people are collecting monies under the banner of the church and claiming to be mindful of people’s lives, that is hypocritical.

        The RCC through its lay societies US financing every part of this vile no campa

        1. painkiller

          As opposed to….

          If people are collecting monies under the banner Atlantic Philanthropies or any organisation linked to the Open Society and claiming to be mindful of people’s lives, that is hypocritical.

          1. solpadeine

            Would have thought it odd for a philanthropic organisation to be collecting money? AP is closed and gone btw.

          1. jusayinlike

            “this is a new one, even for you..”

            I asked you to elaborate on that.. what do you mean by ” even for you “???

  6. Bruce Wee

    Anyone else confused about this Campaign? Was the “loveboth” logo simply to work in the 8 digit? are we to love both decisions? As for Healy Rae…Condoning Drink Driving and fairies. You’re grand thanks.

    1. kellma

      and denying climate change… Sure it is not happening here. That is only happening in England too because of their wanton ways… LOL

  7. Sheila

    Which one is the trainee mid-wife in the non-existent mid-wife college in DCU… no wait, it was a trainee nurse… no wait, she was really still in secondary school.

    Hmmm, wonder how long this comment will stay up.

  8. realPolithicks

    healy rae and mcgrath, any sane person should automatically oppose anything these clowns are in favor of.

  9. TheRealJane

    I’m interested in their proposals to love women in a crisis pregnancy situation.

    Sadly, I don’t know the details yet.

    Does anyone?

  10. SOQ

    Ok so, a summary so far.

    No = Abortion bad.
    Yes = Abortion happens.

    They are not opposing viewpoints, they are actually two different arguments. So it really is up to the Yes to shift the parameters from the emotional to the factual.

    Women have abortions. Fact. Women have abortions elsewhere. Fact. Repeal 8th means women will have abortions here. Fact. Nobody likes abortion. Fact.

    And if you remember the last referendum, it went something like ‘If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t marry a gay’. This is no different.

    1. painkiller

      A great number have been moved by what happened to the Savita Halappanavar and how our system failed her…and would like to see sufficient amendment to ensure that a woman’s life is worth more than the unborn in the event of complications but at the same time retain some right for the unborn. It’s ok to be uncomfortable with Irish law facilitating a termination of unwanted pregnancies and this referendum change is dramatic from their perspective.

      Until now, there has been no legal prosecution (under Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013. Sections 7 and 8 – that I am aware) of for anyone who has gone overseas to end their pregnancy so in some respect, the governing authorities of the state have looked the other way and let people carry out their will outside the legal jurisdiction, if they so choose.

        1. painkiller

          But people have options, which is certainly better than being physically forced to see their pregnancy through…

          I don’t think the govt wants to touch this issue…but it has come to them.

      1. Cian

        Painkiller. I really don’t think you know what you are talking about.
        You mention the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013; but clearly haven’t read it.
        1. Sections 7 & 8 have nothing to do with prosecutions. (section 22 does)
        2. Section 18 of that act explicitly says that anyone can travel abroad to get an abortion.

  11. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    is yet wan in the top pick subliminally modelling herself on the virgin mary…halo included ?

  12. Jimmey_russell

    ugh why are you even giving these bigots a platform? look at all those women either brainwashed or coerced, it makes me sick.

  13. Grace

    Kids, teens and OAPs fleshing out that crowd there. Just who you want dictating the choices women should have when pregnant. Also how many US activists flown in for the occasion?

    Don’t get me started on that Kerry eeijit

    Vote Yes.

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