10 thoughts on “Party’s Over

  1. Murtles

    I’ve been trying to convince the boss to put a bar in our canteen for years. If it’s good enough for our TD’s and lawmakers to have a sneaky pint or two whilst at work, sure it’s good enough for Joe and Joan Soap.

    1. scottser

      *wags pointy finger at boss*
      i’m NOT being belligerent, i simply want another chablis. THEN i’ll finish your fukn annual report

  2. AssPants

    There are multiples of caveats for TD’s to not have to sign up to this salary deduction scheme, They don’t print the caveats, you just have to know them.

    1. david

      A photo of him to be displayed for all to see until he pays the bill
      I remember someone who was a celeb bounced a cheque
      After months of dodging me I hung his cheque on the wall
      A sign above it stated bounced cheque of the month
      A week later they came in with cash

  3. david

    All I can say
    Our elected leaders who expect a free lunch ,they are so dishonourable they will not pay for what they Consume
    Personally if I was the operator I would decorate the bar with their bar tabs
    Maybe a few posters next to the vote yes posters reminding the public of these cheapskates

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