53 thoughts on “Was It For This?

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I mightn’t ACTUALLY be there, but I’ll be there in spirit. Enjoy! xxoooxx (o)(o)

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            it’s that Friday afternoon broadsheet massive thread feeling
            I can almost feel all those unscratched itches inbetween the lines
            the promise of freedom behind the ticking clock

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            It’s coz the sun came out dammit and we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking its actually Friday.

      1. Milk Teeth

        Not that its really worth anything but that’s a myth – union jack, union flag, butchers apron. All acceptable names where ever and what ever patronising or racist nonsense its being flown around.

  1. Pudge

    I thought Woodie’s was an Irish shop? I’ve shopped there before for that reason… perhaps I was wrong?

    1. Cian

      There were Irish, but are part of [clickity clickity] Grafton Group plc – a United Kingdom and Ireland-based builders merchants business. Grafton Group started as Chadwicks.

      1. The Old Boy

        I’ve seen them stock mole repellent devices. I imagine this is just a slightly more egregious failure to cater for the local market. After all, our DIY and homeware requirements aren’t especially different.

        1. Cian

          Why? Their mole repellent devices are brilliant.

          I have one since last year and haven’t seen a single mole in the last 12 months!

  2. Bernie

    Doubt they’ll shift any of that rubbish, it’ll be in the bargain bucket for a few weeks post-nuptials and then skipped.

  3. Baz

    bunch of british hating self pleasuring narcissists on here going by the above comments, same haters will be shopping on asos and watching premiership soccer in their full kits

    1. Brother Barnabas

      yeah because watching a game of football involving clubs based in britain is a sure sign of being a closet royalist

  4. Fitzgerald

    Well I’ll be. Woodies has sold out to the lowest common denominator. Will they sell orange sashes for marching season up north? I for one will never darken their door again. Disgusting.

  5. Jonjo

    Some British people live here. Some Irish people will get into the spirit for the wedding. There will be house parties all over the country with people watching it live.

    Get over it.

    1. Kolmo

      It’s a bit like Koreans in Korea selling Japanese flegs and Japanese royalist pap in the event of the Japanese emperor’s son getting married…in Japan, even with their horrific “shared histories” (I think that’s the inoffensive euphemism being bandied about). Two chances.

      1. Jonjo

        It happened when William got married. I’ve no interest but just because I don’t, doesn’t mean that I think no one cares about it.

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