This afternoon.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

Unnamed reefer fan at the Cloud on the Quay event celebrating International Cannabis Day which peaks at 4.20pm with a spark up by up to 3,000 sun-drenched tokers.

More as we get it.

*giggles uncontrollably*

Pic: Niall Neligan

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Happy 420 To One And All


Many of these people are high.

23 thoughts on “Story, Bud?

    1. david

      Maybe explain about bob Marley who died of cancer and many more
      Maybe your needed in the HSE

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        david can you really not tell that “Oh ffs” is clearly dismissing the claim that cannabis cures cancer?

      2. Papi

        Isn’t it amazing that some people who don’t smoke also get cancer? Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to answer.

    2. realPolithicks

      No it doesn’t but it does provide fantastic relief from nausea which is one of the most debilitating side effects of some of the treatments for cancer patients.

  1. Baz

    Amazing the claptrap the hysterical get free statements on here!

    ‘Cannabis cures cancer’

    Wow, more carcinogens in cannabis than tobacco yet muppets are allowed make claims that cannabis cures cancer and broadsheet celebrate the muppets.

    1. Bodger

      Baz, it’s a hand-painted sign on the back of a camper van in the background of a photo. No one is making any claims. And can we cool it with the Muppet nomenclature?

    2. anne

      Carcinogens in cannabis?

      I don’t think so..

      It depends how you take it.

      Use an Arizer Vaper for instance, you’re getting zero carcinogens.

      Cannabis oil too, zero carcinogens.

      Not into myself, but I think it’s about time it’s prescribed for people with neurological diseases or other chronic illnesses. Or whoever wants to use the’s a feckin plant ffs.

      I think there’s a lot more urgency needed in legalising it for the likes of children with forms of epilepsy, like Vera Twomey’s child, than those who want to get stoned.

      The amounts a child needs to stop seizures is not going to have them stoned. It’s nothing to do with getting stoned & it’ll never be taken seriously for medicinal use associating it with getting high..

  2. Dash Rickwood

    I’m all for decriminalisation/legalisation, think of the revenue implications/crime rates etc, but those in power aren’t going to pay any heed to a drum circle blocking traffic. It’d be great to see a well informed, adult debate about this that includes those who may actually be able to change the law. I expect we’d have a similar situation if pubs opened later where people go mad for about a year until the novelty wears off.

    1. Kevin Doyle

      Yesterday minority leader of the US Senate, Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill to decriminalise canabis at the federal level. Food(munchies) for thought .

    2. Cian

      I suspect that the publicans would fight decriminisatio tooth and nail as they would fear it could impact their profits.
      Republicans too.

  3. eric cartman

    why is it always a drum circle or sitting around or a frisbee competition.

    I want to see a legalise cannabis business summit or a series of talks by highly educated professors etc.. or a march where drug rugs are banned.

    “its normal, everyone smokes it” only works if you have a diverse crowd, not just unwashed hippyish teens and 20 somethings (ant the token old man who things he’s Tommy Chong)

    1. Shayna

      To be fair, Eric – I regularly wash and am 50ish – I did go on the march. I think it was a bit of a generalization there?

      1. Cian

        I wasn’t at the march – was there diverse groups of people? Or were you the odd one out? :-)

        1. Shayna

          Not really, an Australian type commented on my attire, he reckoned that I dressed like it was the 70s. I was wearing a hat is all, okay the riding boots, the coat – Goddammit!
          It finished up in Merrion Square – a gal on a megaphone squelched utterances, we all went, “Yay”.

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