Ciaran Cuffe tweetz:

“Just got some figures back from Dublin Bus….

We had 10% more drivers and buses in Dublin a decade ago.

Shane Ross and FineGael need to invest more in tackling gridlock.”


5 thoughts on “Fleet Foxed

  1. Frilly Keane

    would Dublin Bikes and the Go Pro Lycra set with their tax break bikes have had an impact…
    if not then lets get back those sites and stop the eejits
    and save a few bob

  2. Kevin Doyle

    Neoliberal approach:
    Reduce investment in real terms (today’s 100million euro is less than 2008s 100million euro)
    Diminish unions
    Promote the market (because the market fixes everything, just look at housing)
    Divide and conquer PR approach, pit public and private sector workers.

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