The Best Club In Ireland


High Time.

A show mixing cooking and comedy.

Matt (top) writes:

We’re a new Irish Youtube channel cooking things you can probably cook already, putting our own spin on things and having fun while we do it.

This is our first episode and our take on the humble Club Sandwich, which originated in a restaurant or a club in a certain year. We don’t know when.

Let us know what you’d like to see us make next…


High Time

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2 thoughts on “The Best Club In Ireland

  1. qwerty123

    No offence, but this glorifying of fried and fattening foods and the normalization of being overweight should be stopped. If you are making a sandwich, you don’t need a frying pan. Heart disease kills a multiple more than any cancer, main cause is diet and lifestyle….

    …Actually no, its FRIDAY!! Lets get pissed and eat loads of food…. yahoo!!!

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    I’d recommend a separate utensil for precooked and cooked poultry.

    But I have a thing about food poisoning.

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