21 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. jusayinlike

      Olivia Salon – tech journalist with no experience of Syria v Robert Fisk/Seymour Hersch – Pulitzer prize winning journalists.

      Well done petey..

    2. david

      The white helmets that used their human shields to great propaganda news footage
      They learnt that from Hamas in Gaza
      And these head choppers and murderous scum would not hesitate to gas more human shields
      If Germany could of done that a civilised modern European nation to Jews handicapped gypsies etc I am sure ISIS Hamas and Alqueda are well capable then parade the victims on camera
      Really worked well as the allies bomber assads army bases as a result

  1. Shayna

    Two larks does not make a Summer maketh. I went on the Mary Jayne March on Friday. I didn’t see Johnny Keenan, the whole thing ended up in Merrion Square. A teetering of nothingness and a certain fumeness was all. I popped into a Centra to buy some Marlboro, I lost sight then of the Marjuana March – I asked a Garda, he smirked and offered his pointy finger – a pillow of smoke across the road, there?

      1. Anne G Uyler

        You’re a fontain of knowledge Shayna

        How is your indictment for contempt of court going?

  2. SOQ

    May and Customs Union. Bad enough having to deal with The Ulster Taliban without the rest of the Irish waving legally binding treaties.

    Meanwhile Farage reckons the USA wants to join the commonwealth. Yes dear, keep taking the tablets.

    1. david

      Great idea as the commonwealth is a trading block
      The unionists in the north are not Taliban
      Mind you Sinn feinn behaved like the Taliban with their version of refusing to share power because they wanted a Irish language act much like the Taliban with their insistence of Islamic laws
      Sure their military wing butchered thousands just like the Taliban did
      Sounds preposterous well its the extreme but the same principles of turning to killing to peruse their course
      Time will tell if Sinn feinn revert to their old ways
      Meanwhile little Leo verruca and his Ireland’s got talent cabinet have not even grasped the implications if the GFA falls apart

  3. Shayna

    @SOQ – Have you spent longer in Brighton than myself – I was mistaken for a friend of Gemma Hewson – purely by my accent?

  4. SOQ

    Stupid headline of the week goes to the Indo: So, Kate Middleton is in labour – what happens now?

    Answers on the back of a €50 note please. Let’s hope the silver spoon doesn’t get caught in transit somewhere.

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