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  1. petey

    readers of BS comments may be interested in this.

    “The activists call themselves “anti-war”, but as they generally back the Syrian government’s military operations against rebel forces seeking to overthrow Mr Assad and Russian air strikes carried out in support, it might be more accurate to describe them as “anti-Western intervention” or “pro-Syrian government”.

    According to their narrative, international media organisations across the political spectrum, along with human rights organisations, are somehow covertly aligned with Western governments, Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda and taking part in a secretive plot to take over Syria.”


    1. david

      Sadly for you this time they as in the western governments do not even have a smoking gun
      The misery for Syria has been prolonged and magnified by the support the west has given these rebel/ terrorist groups
      And being part of Europe we also must take responsibility over the deaths of innocents.
      As a Jew and pro Israel even I with an anti Assad mentality because he has been behind virtually every hostile action against the Jewish state
      The inspectors are very quiet and believe me if anything was found then we would of heard before now
      This chemical attack is more likely down to rebel groups because all you have to do is see the reaction in the missile strikes by the west
      Meanwhile we are going to see the Russian response over the envoy when Russian companies will be leaving our shores

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        We bear no responsibility for the actions of other sovereign nations.

        We sent the Russian envoy home weeks ago and they sent one of ours home so how long do we have to wait to see Russian companies leaving our shores?

        1. david

          Try limerick and the aluminium plant
          Due to sanctions the Russian owner will have to cut jobs as his company was destroyed on the stock market
          A pal of putin owns it.
          Now this is where we learn about consequences, unless putin is such a nice guy he decides oh well that’s life
          But sadly as you harp on put in is a nasty man who eats children and poisons everyone he dose not like
          Grow up Nigel

    2. f_lawless

      ” it might be more accurate to describe them as “anti-Western intervention” or “pro-Syrian government” ”
      obvioust slur attempt – the BBC wants us to think of those journalists/activists who point out that the outbreak of war in Syria was covertly instigated (and its continuation fueled) by Western imperialists, as “Assad apologists”.
      As a balance to that BBC hit piece, I’d recommend reading the recent article on the independent “Moon of Alabama” website entitled “The Media War On Truthful Reporting And Legitimate Opinions – A Documentary”. Link can be found in this twitter comment which points out that there has indeed recently been a coordinated series of smear attempts by various corporate outlets on the independent journalists/activists and academics who are questioning the Syria narrative. It may well backfire on them – Streisand Effect.

        1. Nigel

          jusayinlike and David here are both explicitly pro-Assad/Putin so no, those two things are not alike at all.

          1. f_lawless

            Nigel – I’m not sure what their views may be – I suspect you’re incorrect – but anyway perhaps you’ve been spending too much time on Broadsheet’s comment section if you think it’s somehow a microcosm of the wider political discourse on Syria/Russia.

          2. david

            Nigel just because someone points out reality dose not make them pro this anti that
            As bisted said Hezbollah are assads allies
            Also the Assad family have since 1947 behind the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel and as a Jew I support Israel
            So again wrong

          3. bisted

            …oh dear…looks like I didn’t pin my colours to a high enough mast…I am anti-regime change that was led by crooked Hillary…I am pro the efforts of Putin and Hezbellah in helping prevent this in Syria…

          4. Nigel

            You’ve got a nasty little Cold War war-by-proxy power struggle going on, if you’re picking a side between the US or Russia you’re doing anti-imperialism wrong, if you’re pro-Assad just because you don’t like Clinton, that’s kinda dumb, if you think it’s awesome to fight ISIS, well, fair enough, but the US and Russia are both fighting ISIS, if you decide you support one and not the other then according to jusayinlike you’re pro-ISIS! The way this whole thing is framed is beyond stupid.

          5. bisted

            …ok Nigel…you keep calling me names – idiot, dumb, beyond stupid…the Middle East is in turmoil and this has been precipated by the US…

          6. Nigel

            True enough, though why people were so eager to see the party who started the last Iraq war that destabilised the Middle East and led to the creation of ISIS in control of all three branches of the US government is still a puzzle to me.

  2. Who’s In Charge

    Why can you not fix this mobile app. 2 years of jumping to the last story when you scroll.
    Fupp me – €500 with a mobile app dev would fix it. In fact I will do it for free

      1. newsjustin

        Watch the video. People at the event weren’t yawning. They were shuffling nervously and hoping the ground would open and swallow them up.

      1. newsjustin

        Well a suction curratage abortion can be carried out from about 6 to 14 weeks. And a medical abortion from about 4 to 9 or 10 weeks. The suction curratage method is more reliable in getting the contents of the womb out in one go. Obviously, the medical abortion can be unsuccessful in removing everything, so suction curratage may still be required.

        After 14 weeks…which will be allowed for in the new Irish legislation, we’re talking about a Dilation and Evacuation procedure, which is like a D and C above but with larger instruments, etc to make sure the child is dismembered and removed completely. Induction of labour is also possible at an advanced stage of pregnancy.

        1. SOQ

          Thanks for the gory descriptions but I was asking about the pills. Turns out it is 70 days.This is not a subject I know much about but a quick google of ‘abortion pills’ throws up a lot of sites offering them. Must be quite a demand so.

          And at upto 12 weeks we are in the main talking about pills surely?

          1. Frill the 8th


            Take it on the bus
            Take it with the coffee picked up on the way back to work

            It’s actually getting funny lads
            Watching Justin n’david n the like
            Smearing themselves in Obstetrics and Gynie porn
            No wonder the No crowd love imitating medical professionals

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            Check out the “The Eighth” podcast. Episode 3 includes an interview with the head of the IFPA where he talks about the 12 week cut off being chosen because it’s the last week for medical (i.e. pills) abortion. He also talks a lot about the suffering the 8th causes away from the headlines.

          3. newsjustin

            Yes SOQ. Up to 12 weeks, it’s mainly, but not exclusively, the territory of medical abortions. So the baby comes out relatively intact. Nell McCafferty is just rightly pondering the rights and wrongs of that, and the more actively destructive means of abortion.

          4. SOQ

            Well if abortions are normally pills up to 12 weeks then Neil’s pondering about the leg and arm thing is a bit off the point.

            But, she makes a very valid point about housing and people not being able to afford to have more children. It’s gone nearly full circle now where feminists appear to be championing motherhood.

            I wonder, has there ever been any studies done about the reasons why women have abortions? If so, that would make for interesting reading. I am pretty sure that some of those reasons could be tackled rather making criminals out of people.

        2. Nigel

          This incredible squeamishness about women’s bodies has driven so much of the desire to control and micro-manage women’s health from a moral and ethical position that has nothing to do with the well-being of women.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            As evidenced by the fact that women are STILL locked away and isolated for menstruating in certain parts of the world.

            Ewwwwwwww the women are bleeeeeeding Nigel.

        3. david

          The reality of what is to follow
          If this is carried our health service will break at the seams but the rich will be able to abort all imperfection
          The poor will have to wait to see if a chair Is available

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            That’s not a valid reason to continue exporting abortion to England.

            It’s a good point as far as our creaking health service goes, but it doesn’t change the fact that for years we have exported a societal problem to the uk instead of addressing it.

          2. Nigel

            So if there are difficulties accessing hip replacements do you want a constitutional amendment outlawing hip replacements?

        4. Daisy Chainsaw

          Women have D&Cs for many reasons without antichoicers indulging in their usual goreporn frottaging over it. I’ve had one myself and it wasn’t anything to do with being pregnant or having an abortion.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        A good question to ask is what kind of support can they offer to women? Because that all sounds lovely, especially in comparison with ‘a culture of death’ but they don’t actually talk about what is being offered?

        More of the same? More women forced to travel, more abortion pills taken with any kind of supports at all, more exporting of the problem?

      2. bertie blenkinsop

        He’s entitled to his opinion but if your inference is that he represents the whole GAA organisation he no more does than Paddy Jackson represents Irish Rugby.

        1. bisted

          …Sacred Harte incorporates catholic rites into Tyrone GAA training regime…pity the ‘retreat’ didn’t work out too well for him last year…

      3. Daisy Chainsaw

        Mickey doesn’t believe in contraception, but he believes in supporting rapists. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he’s reppin’ for antichoice. Not the kind of man I’d want to be anywhere near.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          He’s named after two body parts, of course he’s going to have an interest….

  3. Ron

    Maureen Haugheys estate should be seized by the criminal assets bureau and any monies obtained through her scoomy husbands dodgy dealings be returned to the state.

    1. Kay

      agree… sunday ruined before it even begins. also see the guards and media in cahoots again with McCabe. a totally fked up state that’s been hijacked by gansters

        1. Ron

          Correct me if I’m wrong but i don’t ever remember the state getting refunded for his charvet shirts. She didn’t get that money on her own bat. corrupt as fook the whole family

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’ve often wondered if Il Duce’s children feel any guilt for the affluent lifestyles they enjoy because of their father’s dealings… then I remember they’re Haugheys and steeped in Fianna Fail so they’re incapable of feeling those kinds of emotions.

      1. david

        There is a vast difference between haughey and Mussolini
        Mind you ,a member of the repeal mob is not exactly well versed into the meaning of genocide
        Hundreds of thousands of Jews were transported to the death camps facilitated by Mussolini
        In Italy war effort as Hitler’s ally
        Haughey like him or not was responsible for bringing the financial services to Ireland
        And as a younger man when the nationalists were under threat in the north sent arms up to defend them
        He went to prison for that with Neil Blarney
        Maybe you need to go back to school

        1. johnny

          “Hundreds of thousands of Jews were transported to the death camps facilitated by Mussolini”
          -out of a total jewish population of 46,000-facts matter !

          1. david

            Actually other countries Jewish cattle trucks used Italian railways to carry their Jews to the camps
            So Jesus Jonny do not argue with a Jew who has researched the whole subject
            Did you know the French railways company recently had to cough up restitution for their part in transportation of Jews. To gas chambers so they could bid on a US railways contract.
            Hope your knowledge about 1916 is a little bit better

          2. Johnny

            Do you even know where Italy is ?

            Which countries used Italian railways,be specific and provide a link to back your utter nonsense and drivel,and stop making things up!

            “In 1938, the Italian Fascist regime under Benito Mussolini enacted a series of racial laws that placed multiple restrictions on the country’s Jewish population. At the time the laws were enacted, it is estimated that about 46,000 Jews lived in Italy, of whom about 9,000 were foreign born and thus subject to further restrictions such as residence requirements. “


        2. johnny

          -haughey was found not guilty at the ‘arms trial’ never spent so much as a day in jail-facts matter-but do carry on…..

          1. Brother Barnabas

            wasn’t he expelled from FF (for ‘unbecoming conduct’, I think)? a fate worse than imprisonment, surely

  4. Catherine costelloe

    Billing records from Noirin o Sullivan mobile show she made 33 phone calls to mouthpiece Paul Williams . The tribunal is expected to ask her to explain ten contacts with Williams in Feb/March/April 2014 when Williams was writing about Ms D in the Indo.
    How very unprofessional of a commissioner to be yanking to a ‘crime’ journalist . Toxic.

  5. david

    Simon Harris will be announcing the end of downs syndrome babies in Ireland thanks to a new medical procedure

    1. ReproBertie (SCU)

      Will he? When? What new medical procedure? Was it discovered in Ireland? Is Simon Harris doing medical research now?

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Hardly a new medical procedure. It’s a fairly old one, as these things go.

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            And yet children with DS are born in every country that has more liberal abortion laws than Ireland.

            Can you explain how this will work david?

          2. david

            New to Ireland
            Its illegal at the moment
            If removed people will have the choice to abort or not
            So many will be aborted simply because of our health service and the worry what happens when I die and am no longer able to ensure my child will not have an institutional life of hell under state care
            That is the worry all families face each day in Ireland due to our overloaded services

          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’m sorry but I fail to see what your point about state/institutional care has to do with this?

          4. Nigel

            Women need to be denied health care so men like david can sleep peacefully at night. Ever was it thus.

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