7 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Fr. Ted (The money was resting in my account) and Fr. Jack (Pheckin’ Bottled Water) giving their tuppenceworth.
    Where’s the referendum on Irish Water?
    Leo’s backstop in tatters (which we knew anyway)

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Aye – they think we’ve forgotten. There’s a bit of a surprise coming to them on the next election canvas.

    1. david

      Being saying this till I am blue in the face
      Water must be put in the constitution as belonging to the people of Ireland and it can never be sold off
      The water we have is the new oil and abundant
      This resource when harvested can be sold to other countries
      Massive trenches must be built that can store and collect all the surplus water instead of it ending up flooding areas like it is now
      So this Shannon proposal should be the first of many
      The pumped water can then be treated and transported as an export by the state
      The initial cost would bear great fruit
      We see towing icebergs is being proposed by some as a solution

  2. Martco

    they could consider deleting unnecessary IW & use the savings to do all the faults & install their new big pipe.

    but of course that doesn’t suit the agenda.

    1. david

      We are paying for water out of VAT so reduce the VAT by the 2%that was factored in when they abolished the water rates
      However people must pay for water because the infrastructure needs to be serviced maintained
      So water metres are a good thing
      Those who use most and waste pays most.
      But Irish water must be disbanded and water enshrined as belonging to the people inserted into our constitution
      This idea I have been screaming about for years to sell to other countries will in the next decade pay for all the infrastructure needed to make water an industry for export and the revenue generated will be the oil of the future rather as it is now going will be the property of Irish water a utility company that will be privatised in years to come

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