22 thoughts on “Fancy A Flutter?

  1. Charlie

    Really looking forward to seeing this and how he tackles our nation’s second favourite pastime disease.

  2. Tony

    Actually looking forward to this. His Muslims in Ireland documentary was great.

    I like Baz. There I said it

    1. Brother Barnabas

      yeah, me too

      actually think he’s wasted on rte

      (although that ‘how to kill your ma’ thing was… ill-advised)

  3. jusayinlike

    Perhaps he’d do a thought provoking documentary on Ireland’s other pastime drink driving, especially considering he was convicted of it..

  4. Charlie

    Such a disappointing doc. We learned nothing that we didn’t know before.
    I was really hoping he would hound the ‘no comment’ Paddy Power honchos etc. I was also hoping they would highlight to use of advertising hoardings at sports events, the gambling ads that are broadcast during the ad breaks of sporting events etc. Instead, we got the sensationalistic RTE badly directed doc with Baz doin his Baz smiley thing.

    1. Tony

      I thought it was great. Paddy Power and the others wouldn’t talk to him – that was one of the most telling parts of the doc. Good story, well told and about time too

  5. Teresa

    So disappointing. A missed opportunity to make a ballsy documentary and expose the deviousness of Paddy Power and the bookie. Just a series of anecdotes that’s been done before.

  6. Pat

    Superb programme. We need more like these to highlight this serious problem. I never saw any of the anecdotes before and Paddy Powers and the like came across cowards for not participating. Well done

    1. Teresa

      I’ve seen many gambling addiction documentaries like this over the years and it’s the same old format. It told the majority of its audience nothing it didn’t know before and will spark little debate. Baz is no Louis Theroux. Such a pity we don’t have someone to do something more in depth and different with those who facilitate these addicts. The doc will be vapor by the weekend. It looked more like a a scaled up version of Nationwide .

        1. Teresa

          You obviously havn’t read a single word I wrote. My beef is that Baz never challenged Paddy ‘moneylovin’ Power etc. Louis Theroux would have parked outside his house and been in his face. Baz went the lazy route, gave us a big smile and half done the job he should have done.

          1. Pat

            but sure Paddy power and the rest refused to take part and you would of had Baz sitting outside Paddy’s house ?. Thank god your not making documentaries Theresa you haven’t a notion!!

            GOOD LUCK

          2. Teresa

            Pat. Don’t ever get involved in investigative documentary. Stick with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and your mates at RTÉ ;-)

          3. Yawn

            It sounds like there is love in the air between Pat and Theresa. They could bond over their hatred of the English language. Fair play. Be gorrah and all da rest.

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