It’s Back!


Kind of.

Trip to Tipp Féile Classical.

Will take place in Semple Stadium, Thurles, Co Tipperary, on Saturday, September 22.

Tickets (€49.50, plus booking fee) go on sale on Friday at 9am.

Fully seated?

Prosecco area?

Bespoke gin bar?

It’s come a long way since Féile 1990.


Féile Classical

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30 thoughts on “It’s Back!

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Would yis ever fupp right off with your “curated” bolleaux!

    The girl at MaccyD’s curated my lunch today.

    1. RandomNoise

      Whenever I hear that name, my brain flicks out Martin Lawrence saying it in Bad Boys – “Mike Laaaw-ry”

    1. Basil Brush

      I believe the same bands played in 1990…terrible then too. Except Christy Moore played a blinder…and the Sultans of Ping were fab. Or maybe it was the Diamond White/Peach Schnapps/Lambrusco mix I drabk in the bus down that’s tainted my memories.

  2. Joe Small

    Can I still sleep in the Hare Krishna tent and have a Dub rifle through my pockets while I sleep?

    1. Ron Dolan

      Yes, but only if you go for the ‘enhanced experiential’ wristband. Only an extra 99.99 plus shipping tax and local tariffs.

      For Mi-Ka-Lahry…..

      The rest of us will probably settle for ‘wish I had waterproof shoes while traversing the muddy pee pool around the port-a-jax’ wristbands.

    2. Iwerzon

      The krishnas kept me fed and made sure I phoned me ma back in 92. I also remember 3 lovely D4ish girls squeezing into a porta-loo only for a crowd of Dubs to push it over. Onto it’s door!!! They were covered in all sorts of nasty. I’d say they’re still emotionally scarred. he,he, he, memories are funny.

      1. Ron Dolan

        Quite. So funny that its possible that you saw that in a dream after having too much Robitussin and now are getting facts and drug addled visions mixed up.

        Don’t sweat it though, at least you are real, I am just a figment of that addled mind…..

  3. Sheila

    I guess I won’t be able to get freshly made sugary hot donuts and bubbly tap fanta #Trip2TippMemories

  4. Liam

    why the orchestra? I’ve never listened to “Fashion Crisis hits New York” and thought “this could use a 40 piece orchestra on it”

    also – were the Wonderstuff and Carter USM not available?

  5. Frilly Keane

    I had 3 trips ta’ Thurles last year alone

    will I go to this, shur I dunno, I think I’d miss the lads around the square too much
    just won’t be the same for the likes a’ me

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