Not Just Any Old Rubbish


At the weekend.

In Youghal, Co Cork.

Clean Coasts Ballynamona tweetz:

From our beach clean in Redbarn on Saturday. So let’s try and see if we are dating this bottle correctly. Would it be late 1960s maybe? Seeing as the currency changed in Ireland in 1971?



Clean Coasts Ballynamona adds:

This KP packet of Alien Invaders has a best before date of 11th Jan 1986. This was 31 years old when it was cleaned up in a beach clean…


Clean Coasts Ballynamona writes:

This plastic bottle all the way from France was found on Ballynamona Beach. The price on it is the Nouveau Franc, used in France between 1960-62, making this plastic rubbish approx 55 years old.


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39 thoughts on “Not Just Any Old Rubbish

  1. ollie

    and your point is what? we need to use plastic, how come there’s a charge to collect green waste in Ireland but kerbside collection in France is free?
    we are ripped off again and again.

    1. kellma

      You must be either trolling or completely oblivious. We don’t have to use plastic. We choose to use plastic. Do you not find it worrying the amount of sh*te that we throw into our seas? Do you not find it worrying that detritus from decades ago is still floating around killing sea life while we just add and add to it until it fills the seas and overflows onto our beaches? No, it would seem all you are worried about is maintaining your perceived comfortable status quo and for you not to have to pay the price while the environment that sustains you does…

      1. 7ollie

        so what do you propose syringes are made from?
        or colostomy bags. or a million other products?

          1. david

            Actually he is right and the dope is you
            Other biodegradable materials can be used also some things cannot be used except from plastic
            All the packaging from the supermarkets and industry is one thing to look at and maybe a tariff on manufacturing that cannot be redeemed by making the consumer pay more should be introduced.
            As a chef I see many items wrapped in plastics like aubergines individually packed and all those offers of 4 tomatoes packed or small bags of carrots etc in supermarkets
            Its time government stopped pandering to industry

        1. The Ghost of Starina

          Are any of these items colostomy bags or syringes? No. They’re convenience items. There’s a difference. You know there’s a difference. Don’t be a fool.

    2. dylaad

      It’s boring taking responsibility, when you could be watching sports or shopping, but it’s part of being a grown-up.

      1. 7ollie

        you misunderstood. i can bring my plastic and cardboard to a kerbside bin, like we have for glass bottles and recycle it for free. in ireland you pay.
        also the original point was that we can live without plastic, we can’t

      1. 7ollie

        we pay for water in ireland. and you pay tv licence in France via property tax. what’s your point?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “3 hands washing up”

    Remember that?

    I can…. :) ….in colour and black and white !


    Hope you are all in great form…. from myself and Mrs Clampers… we’re on honeymoon ;)

    1. Cian

      enjoy – but get off the internets before she becomes Mrs ex-Clampers!! or possibly ex-Mrs Clampers

  3. Hansel

    Who were the civic-minded souls doing the beach cleaning over the weekend? I didn’t know anything about it until I saw them in action.

    I also felt like a complete pig for not being there to lend a hand.

  4. Junkface

    My God! Just goes to show how much work we need to do as a species to breakdown plastic for Nature

  5. Cian

    They don’t make things like they used to.

    Nowadays plastic bags just fall apart after only 10 or 12 years.

  6. The Ghost of Starina

    fun fact: plastic never totally breaks down to individual molecular elements. it stays plastic forever. Fish eat it cos it looks like plankton.

    So I read somewhere, anyway.

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      then we eat it :)
      we also eat clothes fibers that make thier way into fish

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