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White Bay, County Cork.

Vic Barry writes:

Sorry to say, Cork has one of the smallest and BEST beaches in the country ;) All we need is the weather…


Vic’s Vlogs

At the weekend.

In Youghal, Co Cork.

Clean Coasts Ballynamona tweetz:

From our beach clean in Redbarn on Saturday. So let’s try and see if we are dating this bottle correctly. Would it be late 1960s maybe? Seeing as the currency changed in Ireland in 1971?



Clean Coasts Ballynamona adds:

This KP packet of Alien Invaders has a best before date of 11th Jan 1986. This was 31 years old when it was cleaned up in a beach clean…


Clean Coasts Ballynamona writes:

This plastic bottle all the way from France was found on Ballynamona Beach. The price on it is the Nouveau Franc, used in France between 1960-62, making this plastic rubbish approx 55 years old.


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 23.46.04

A wild boar emerges from the Baltic sea at Karwia in Poland, finds itself hemmed in and goes on the rampage.

How he got there and what happened next is not clear.

Your hypotheses are invited.



Paul R writes:

River Slaney estuary in Wexford this morning… bursting out of it…


White Strand, Clare yesterday afternoon.


Green syrup.

(Thanks Spudly)