8 thoughts on “Are You Well?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I haven’t been able to afford health insurance for a decade now. If they did reduce rates, it was probably one of those useless ones brought in during 2015 and the “lifetime community rating” scam.

      2. david

        Only to new whales to get them in
        The biggest con was that scam to get everyone signed up so they did not face the loadings because of age
        Many just bought useless policies and the health companies had a field day

    1. Shayna

      Clever architecture is great, I’m all for it. Cantilever structures are amazing, bridges that don’t don’t fall down are especially useful. It’s not what clients sign up for when contributing to their healthcare insurance, however, I would have thought.

  1. dav

    Damn, I thought that was the refurbishment of the Abbey Theatre, now I see it’s just a display of corporate greed.

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