Meanwhile, On Comedy Central


We’d recognise that firm set of the jaw anywhere.

Pro-choice Limericks Laureate John Moynes (top) and comic Tara Flynn are featured in this occasionally patronising  report (above) from Ireland on the Eighth Amendment by The Jim Jefferies Show.

Come for the glimpse of Moynes (0.60 sec).

Pop on the kettle during the lazy stereotyping throughout (leprechauns, hooch, etc).

Stay for the “casual abortions” (starts 5 mins).

Earlier: John Moynes: A Limerick A Day

Thanks Vanessa

13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Comedy Central

  1. scottser

    is that john moynes? does he go round with a long black coat and a black repeal t-shirt? if so, i think i saw him walking down great strand street yesterday morning around 10am while i was locking my bike up.

  2. filly buster

    the abortion cruise. gas. making yer man’s trip to london hell, asking him 2 questions and sending him off. mad gas.

    1. DeKloot

      The National Party? Who the heck are they? I mean, I read the papers and the Internets… Never heard of them or yer man the creepy accountant fellah…. That or maybe I’m just good at tuning the crazy out. All these years of reading Broadsheet perhaps!

  3. A friend

    Can I just say ‘The Devil comes in many forrms’?
    I want to appease, confuse and upset the other crowd in six words or less.
    I think I nailed it.*

    *nothing to do with Easter. Calm the F down. Jesus.

    Thank you.
    That was my Jim Jeffries impression.

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