11 thoughts on “Interrogating Zuckerberg

  1. david

    The only way to deal with zuckerberg is no longer use Facebook or its associated companies then he will quietly drift into bankrupcy

    1. Papi

      From his 63.8 billion dollar net worth? Yep, bankruptcy looms for the chap. You, sir, are, and continue to be, an idiot.

      1. david


        You really are an arse
        Facebook is his company and if no one uses Facebook eventually the company goes bang and the shareholders loose
        Evidently you do not employ people and run a business and I bet you are a public servant who is fed by the money businesses generate
        Now when the revenues fall maybe he could inject some of that moolah if not his company folds and goes into bankruptcy if the overheads etc exceed the revenue
        I assume like all good businessmen he has bank borrowings to lower his tax liability.
        When that point comes, then a company goes into receivership or bankruptcy

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Oh he’s been on a real roll this week.

            Listrade used him to mop the floor yesterday. It was rather impressive to watch in realtime.

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