9 thoughts on “Assume The Position

  1. Not On Your Nelly

    This is too edgy for me. Is cause Trump is bad? And people need to rediscover this fact every 8-9 minutes of every day since he appeared on the political scene?

    Twitter is becoming unbearable with pope and their hot takes. Retweeting and tweeting his every word and every opinion about him.

    It’s so boring.

    1. realPolithicks

      You make it sound like your forced to read these things, you can stop looking at it you know.

  2. Baz

    whats the point? Trumps only business in Norway will be collecting the Nobel peace prize for denuclearising the Korean peninsula.

    1. Cian

      Well Obama got his Nobel peace prize for… being Obama. It’s fair that Trump gets one too.

      1. Bob

        Wonder if they’ll take it down and sell it?
        Happened several times when Banksy didn’t get permission and all he can do about it is refuse to authenticate it to keep the auction price down.

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