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    1. The Old Boy

      They were nifty little three-wheeler powder-blue things with fiberglass bodies which had just about enough room and oomph to ferry one person and their shopping. They did have an unfortunate tendency to burst into flames, which was especially troublesome given that the occupants were always impaired in their ability to get clear of the burning plastic.

      I believe they were all withdrawn years ago.

  1. martco

    I’ve defo seen this & hard to understand…apart from the obvious cos although the surface is very high grade compared to the backroads hard shoulders are filthy dirty with added nails, screws, glass, bits of cars after accidents all sorts…wouldn’t take long before before you’re having to deal with a puncture

    1. Robert

      This used to infuriate me. Then one time I was heading onto the M1 from the Swords entry and got diverted by the Gardaí. I found out later it was one of these guys came to an unfortunate end on the slipway.

      Sometimes the law is there for your protection, and if you come a cropper you’ve only yourself for your family to blame.

    2. Robert

      also quite apart from the suitability of the surface would you not be vulnerable to HGVs passing at speed? In my car I often feel a pull to the side as these guys pass ..

  2. PlumBobSmearPants

    I know a lad who does this all the time. He doesn’t care. He knows he’s not supposed to. But still. Whatever about the standard of driving in general in Ireland, the crazy stuff that goes on on at speed on our Motorways is bonkers with significantly reduced reaction times.

    1. Col

      I used to cycle to Leixlip from Dublin. A lot of cyclists would cycle on the motorway until the first exit, rather than going along the back roads (which were perfectly fine to be honest). But I suppose they didn’t have to negotiate any motorway exit- could be the case here too.

        1. Robert

          Being the curmudgeonly character than I am, I decided to fact-check this against google maps. It’s “M4” as far as Lucan apparently.

      1. Skeptik

        Plus a bunch of cars park on the motorway bridge over the liffey on sunny days. Parking on a motorway is illegal of course.

    2. Liam

      the same way they go past a dual-carriageway exit.

      I’m not defending this guy but from a safety point of view it’s not much different the large groups of cyclists who use the N11 or the N7 – car hits you at 100km/h or 120km/h the result is going to be the same. Personally I hate cycling on dual carriageways but it’s impossible to get from A to B in some places without using them for at least short distances.

  3. Con Kennedy

    It’s a Bora kit, must be Sam Bennett training for the Giro. Its probably the only place ‘The Bullet’ can get up to speeds he needs to win a sprint finish

  4. Cathal

    How pathetic – “Ive seen a cyclist on the motorway who should be there so Im going to report him to the internet”!!! On the same journey, I bet same dullard saw 10 incidents of motorists and bad driving. Without justifying the cyclists action, at least reckless Cyclists never endanger any one elses lives when getting from A to B.

    1. edalicious

      The M1 is a great stretch for people driving half on half off the hard shoulder at 60kmph while talking on the phone, as if that’s somehow better than just driving normally while on the phone. Seen that one a good few times in my rep days.

    2. Kim Cardassian

      “Let’s justify one road users bad/illegal road habits by pointing out the bad/illegal road habits of other users.”

  5. AFoxamongpidgeons

    this is the start of the lets build cycle lanes for cyclists, and cyclist only schools and hospitals too…

    1. george

      What are you talking about? People have been calling for more cycle lanes for a long time. The rest of your comment is just bonkers.

  6. Owen

    He’s not cycling animals, he’s cycling a bike. I read this as perfectly legal.

    I also note, that without a timestamp on the photos it appears he has overtaken, with ease, the car taking the photos. This man deserves a medal.

  7. Joe

    deserves to have his expensive bike taken and chushed into a cube as a nice reminder of the idiot he is. what a donkey

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