I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Pell


Cardinal George Pell will be the most senior Vatican figure ever to face a criminal trial

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic and the controller of the Vatican’s finances in Rome, has pleaded not guilty after he was ordered to stand trial over historical sexual offence allegations.

Pell has always denied the allegations against him, but it was the first time he had been required to enter a formal plea.

The decision came after a dramatic four-week committal hearing in March in which the Cardinal’s lead barrister, Robert Richter, said the accusers were lying and had a vendetta against Cardinal Pell.

Who is Cardinal George Pell and what is he accused of? (Guardian)

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  1. Nigel

    I do not like thee Dr Pell
    But this I know and know so well:
    If you’re guilty burn in Hell –
    I do not like thee Dr Pell.

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