You May Like This


Oliver Cole & Niamh Farrell – These City Lights

A moving duet written and recorded to help raise awareness on repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Oliver writes:

The song looks at the issue from the perspective of a couple who find themselves having to travel to the UK to access safe medical care.
We get to see from their point of view how this feels and how it impacts on them personally.
The song is a duet as I really wanted to represent both the male and female viewpoint in a realistic and sympathetic way.

Oliver Cole

2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. dav

    Anyone else hear Pat Kenny’s interview with the Fanatic in charge of the anti-choice gang attacking the maternity hospitals? It was yesterday morning and it was scary that this man is a graduate of the Royal College of surgeon – I hope he never has to treat female patients because his lack of empathy towards the pregnant women he was abusing was astonishing. .

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