Free Moovement


Cattle on the move in Ireland.

The CVERA boffins write:

We’re a small research centre in UCD up to our oxters in veterinary epidemiology; looking at diseases, disease control, health and welfare, etc., in animal populations.

Most of what we do is only of interest to government, industry, the farming community and veterinary professionals, but, on occasion, we produce material which has wider appeal.

Above is an animation we created representing cattle movements in Ireland in 2016. I’ll not ruin the mood by discussing why epidemiologists don’t like lots of animal movements! We just thought it might be visually appealing and thought provoking for BS readers!


6 thoughts on “Free Moovement

  1. Gringo

    Shock. Horror. Students discover that farmers buy and sell cattle. Tune in next week for their groundbreaking study on the reasons for moocows habit of eating grass.

  2. nefD6

    Am I missing something or was there an explanation given for the colour differences in the movement lines?

  3. Mé Féin

    The video starts off by saying “Cattle movements in the Republic of Ireland.” It would be a hell of a lot more informative if they included the North. And stop saying “boffins.” It makes you sound stupid.

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