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Cattle on the move in Ireland.

The CVERA boffins write:

We’re a small research centre in UCD up to our oxters in veterinary epidemiology; looking at diseases, disease control, health and welfare, etc., in animal populations.

Most of what we do is only of interest to government, industry, the farming community and veterinary professionals, but, on occasion, we produce material which has wider appeal.

Above is an animation we created representing cattle movements in Ireland in 2016. I’ll not ruin the mood by discussing why epidemiologists don’t like lots of animal movements! We just thought it might be visually appealing and thought provoking for BS readers!



He peddles bull normally.

Not today.

Patrick Donohoe of The Irish Farmers Journal writes:

One from our journalist in the west this morning. Have you ever wanted to see An Taoiseach selling cattle in a mart?! Well, look no further…!

Wake up, shattle.

It’s not a caption competition until you say so.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny auctioning an animal at the Aurivo Mart in Balla