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  1. Alors

    “The IRA was at war”, so it’s perfectly all right for me to shoot utterly unconnected people on a civil rights march (before the “IRA war” actually started). Perfidious Albion…

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      See Israel. Same old same old – the colonial oppressor blames the oppressed. What else is new?

      1. rotide

        Completely different situation, but feel free to continue trying to conflate the two like the rockapes on both sides up north

        1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

          Very similar I would say. The oppressor tries to be seen as the good guy.

          1. rotide

            I must have missed the part where Ireland invaded England along with scotland wales and france to drive its citizens into the sea. Perhaps you could provide some reading on this.

          2. Nigel

            I really don’t want to get into the larger debate which I’ve already lost track of in terms of the allegory, but we DID invade England, or were used as the staging post for an invasion, in 1487 with the pretender Lambert Simnal. The fact that we were a hostile island right at England’s back where continental enemies could muster was one major reason why they were so keen to bring us to heel.

          3. Nigel

            Well there was a sizeable Irish force involved and I don’t care about belaboured modern analogies I just think our awesomely half-arsed invasion of England doesn’t get enough attention.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            as the ancient military strategist Sun Tzu sort of said, “strike hard when your enemy is consumed with mindless frivolity”

            isn’t there a royal wedding coming up? just saying…

            we could do worse than getting charger salmon to serve as modern day lord haw haw

          5. Nigel

            I’m mostly hesitant because if you swapped the Tories for FG, in terms of competence and amorality, nobody would notice except for the accents. So it’s less of a major military operation and more of an elaborate practical joke. Oh how we’d laugh! CS would be an excellent Chancellor For Blaming The Failure Of Brexit On Everyone Else, though.

      2. mary

        When you look at the carnage the west is responsible for in Yemen Iraq Syria Libya Iraq Afghanistan and compare the carnage in the west bank and Gaza while they by stating they are defending themselves is tame
        Maybe this is why trump is moving the embassy to Jerusalem and in return expects the Israelis to have a bigger role but unofficial
        For decades Israel has established a superb intelligence network ruthless and effective to ensure they have not been blown up to kingdom come
        If you look at the recent announcements from UAE and Saudi
        Funny enough compared to the rest of outrage are pro Israeli
        As we all know trump moves I’m a rather baffling manner

      3. mary

        Tell me what colonial power was Israel.?
        Seems to me your command of history is like Hitler
        Blame it on the Jews?
        Did you know Hitler said Shakespeare was German?
        And all the ills of Germany were down to Jews communists and women wearing lederhosen
        (well I threw that in to bring balance to your rather silly rant )

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Excellent. I can have so much fun with this.

            Perhaps she’s his wife?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            had an evening in a leather pencil skirt, without underpants, in the George 5 or so years ago, supporting a friend coming out

            every straight man should experience it

      1. ReproBertie (SCU)

        As do the PSNI legacy investigations, which are being portrayed by the Daily Express, among others, as unfairly targeting British Army servicemen.

        In fact 1,118 killings are being investigated. 530 attributed to Republicans, 271 attributed to Loyalists, 354 attributed to security forces and 33 unknowns.

        1. SOQ

          That is 625 attributed to the ever so secure then. What does ‘security forces’ even mean when they were committing such criminality?

    2. mary

      The IRA were at war
      So tell me the difference between the provisional IRA ,the IRA and the IRB
      Then the other IRA groups linked to criminal cartels.
      There was no war just a bunch of terrorists killing civilians, government employees,i believe it was called the troubles.
      bombing and killing innocent children in indiscriminate acts of violence
      As far as I remember he last war was our civil war, before that the war of independence
      And the republic were not at war with northern Ireland or any part of the UK

      1. Bernie

        mary aka David, shut the fupp up, you know nothing about the war in the six counties, stop talking out of your fpn arse

  2. Ron

    ‘No more heads to roll’. Oh right.. I guess we’ve been told so. Shows over here now. HSE Chief is gone. Everything is ok again… Government gets back to normal and sure those women that are dying… well let’s not think about them because deep down we know it’s not right, but like homelessness, let’s try and normalise the fact that this is acceptable lol.

    Move on to the next story Irish citizens. great keyboard warriors.

    How many of you will come out and march on the streets next Saturday in support of these women at the planned demo? not many of you I would imagine.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Have you details of the demonstration as yours is the first reference i’ve seen. Time and location?

      1. Catherine costelloe

        I’ve seen notification on tweets.5.30pm Monday 14th May outside the GPO.
        The Repeal group are calling it on Cervicalcancer.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          i’ve seen this one as well.. Saturday 19th May at 1pm. Meet at GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin. That’s the one i’ll be at as i dont live in Dublin

  3. GiggidyGoo

    And so it reverts to the same old ‘we have confidence in….’ [insert waster name here ].
    Holohan – has Holohan accepted a fall guy role? If so, what’s the reward? Varadkar and Harris accept that they weren’t informed by him, yet still think he’s trustworthy to hold the position he has.
    The stink is putrid. The wagon circling is despicable. The young lads Varadkar and Harris need gone, now!

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I’d already clicked further, hence the post where i supplied the gateway to where Harris, O’Brien and Holohan are also mentioned along with their qualifications.
        I mentioned about the gumph about harris….si yes, i did read it before posting.
        Maybe you can point out Harris’ actual qualifications from that write-up. Qualifications now mind, not the odd meeting in some committee or other. Qualifications!
        I’ll make it easy for you to kick off. He studied journalism and french. Please add.
        Skin in the game Cian.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            No -as far as I can see, he studied French and Journalism in DIT but details are scant on how long he did it for, but also that he didn’t actually graduate.

          1. Cian

            Tell me something. I dunno how old you are. But what had you achieved (do you plan to achieve) by your 30th birthday?
            Minister for a department with 14billion annual budget?
            Or a keyboard warrior in your mom’s basement?

          2. mary

            But cian
            He is a failure
            He is in a position of a department that can be responsible for the lives of people
            Never mind the 14 billion budget
            Its human lives we are talking about
            He is like a child totally out of his depth
            This is bigger than the justice scandal that cost amongst all Alan shatter and Fitzgerald their positions
            This is about culpable manslaughter
            More heads need to roll and never mind how enraged we are there are individuals that will whistle blow, maybe from conscience or hide saving
            It will come out in the end.
            I have a relative that says in this age all information can be reconstructed even if the computer is wiped.
            All emails can be resurrected and all texts even when deleted can be found.
            I doubt Harris will escape the chop as more memo’s are found.
            What is needed is the exposure of these faceless civil servants and the HSE disbanded.
            All management involved must be sacked
            Limerick university needs to sack Haney
            Maybe the parents of the students should pull their kids out of the university a protest and the students protest till she is gone

          3. GiggidyGoo

            @Cian So are the Healy Rae’s TDS. Looks like I hit a little nerveen there Cian judging by your very childish ‘answer’.

          4. Cian

            My answer was factual. That is the only qualification that is needed.

            If you are so smart tell me what the qualification is.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            @ Cian. You’re scraping the barrel now. Harris has no qualification that supports his position as Health Minister. The answers to questions on his portfolio are written by members of the HSE. He’s a disaster.
            But you, Cian, have skin in the game.

          1. mary

            No but his involvement in which is becoming one big cover up.
            The head of the governments legal department has admitted they have no control over these US companies, or their legal teams when cases are brought
            So far 10 cases are before them ,and the US companies have indemnified the Irish state accepting sole responsibility.
            Which means the Irish state will not be sued, so the state will not be involved, so the state will not be dragging the women through courts.
            In a nut shell the women will be facing court action to get justice which could drag out years
            As for redress all we have to look back at is the victims of industrial school abuse clerical abuse and Madeleine laundry, mother and baby home schemes and lets not forget Noonan crowning glory the hepatitis C scandal
            Its time such a stink is made the government must sack all involved ,and that means pensions gone for the culprits.
            A law can be passed under emergency powers and that can be done under the remit of this government.
            Sure they passed enough emergency legislation after the bust to penalise the citizens of this country, so why not this?

          2. realPolithicks

            Could you please just once actually contribute something useful to one of these threads instead of your constant nonsensical one liners.

        1. mary

          That’s actually his biggest achievement so far.
          Harris must go also Varadkar
          The rest must be exposed and Haney must be removed from her post
          Maybe the students could demonstrate and maybe the energy put into the repeal campaign should be mustered to ensure these involved are named shamed and removed, not retired. brought to book.

  4. SOQ

    Student priests found in bed together now face expulsion.

    Why? Because they were in bed together or because they were caught? I thought being gay was part of the job description. Maybe they prayed for strength and guidance but mainly strength, because they knew how to guide it.

      1. SOQ

        Well in the old days, the prevalent attitude was that if you were not the marrying kind then you gave your life to God. I think the church’s view was that sexuallity is of no relevance because you are supposed to be celibate anyways.

    1. Frilly Keane

      No fear of them being put into a laundry or housekeeping in some old priests home

  5. Ron

    Over 10,000 people homeless including 3755 children…

    200,000 people will take part in Darkness into Light walks to raise money for much needed services in the area of mental health. The Government refuse to invest the needed funding to tackle this and if it were not for the likes of wond erful organisations like Pieta House, many more would be dead.

    An Irish citizen is labelled a paedophile and has the full arms of the state thrown at him in attempts to discredit him and silence his whistle blow claims..

    Our elderly citizens are dying on trolleys in hospitals in the most degrading displays of humanity.

    Scabdal after scandal in this country and nothing changes…

    Meanwhile ovet at the non Disclosures Tribunal

    Chairman: State your name.
    Garda Witness: Not Guilty.
    Chairman: What??
    Garda Witness: I had my name legally changed.
    Chairman: Your Not Guilty?
    Garda Witness: *Moonwalks out of the tribunal giving the middle finger to everyone.

    When are the Irish people gonna finally grow a pair and demand the change we need through whatever means is necessary.

    I’m embarrassed by our collective failure to organise and even try bring about change.

  6. Custo

    Great to see Sam Bennett on the front of the papers after his Giro win. Absolute beast. Delighted for him, one of the good guys.

    1. Rob_G


      I’m glad he’s holding his own; it must be difficult when you are a team’s top sprinter, and then they go and hire the best, most famous, most charismatic, sprinter/puncheur in the world.

      Good man Sam.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Do you never tire of this? There’s nothing remotely funny about this campaign – nothing.

      1. Sentient Won

        Pregnancy is not a disease.

        Abortion is not healthcare.

        Why trust those who destroy human lives for profit?

    2. SOQ

      I’m with newsjustin on this. Distasteful. Offensive. Sneering. That’s the Catholic Remainers job surely?

      Although the gay Hed Kandi brand may sue.

    3. rotide

      Wasn’t part of the massive outrage about the posters outside the maternity hospital that they didn’t want ANY campaigning of any sort?

      Shocking proof that against all expectations , there appears to be richard craniums on both sides.

      1. SOQ

        Imagine that? The biggest performance of your career, in front of 200 mil viewers, and some clown pulls the microphone off you.

      2. rotide

        Broadsheet hijacker you mean, he was ranting about the Nazi UK mainstream media.

        I was convinced it was Johnny K

        1. Frilly Keane

          Our man on site reported that the lad was a Israeli
          And added that they were the only crowd that would join the Brits on stage anyway

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